Furious Husband Has a Shocking Reaction After Wife Comes Second in a Beauty Pageant

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This husband had the most unhinged reaction when his wife didn’t get crowned in a beauty competition. The man’s uncontrolled moves and brutal acts as he got up on stage left everyone in utter disbelief, and what he did to the winner’s crown turned this peaceful beauty competition into an unforgettable night.

He couldn’t hide his powerful deception.

During an LGBTQIAP+ beauty competition in Brazil, the angry husband interrupted the crowning of the winner Emannuelly Belini, as he took the stage to show his dissatisfaction when his wife, Nathally Becker, was chosen as the first runner-up.

A viral video showed him in a fit of anger, abruptly snatching the sparkling tiara that was about to be placed on Belini’s head and forcefully throwing it onto the stage floor. He not only retrieved the crown but also repeated the action of forcefully hurling it to the ground, causing the tiara to shatter into fragments.

Following the incident, the agitated husband, whose name remains unidentified, made an attempt to drag his wife off the stage. However, prompt action was taken by the pageant security team, who intervened and swiftly escorted him backstage.

Beauty pageants are all about grace and elegance.

Later on, in response to the intense outburst the coordinator of the pageant, issued a statement addressing the incident. It stated that the pageant’s judges had conducted a fair evaluation, leading to the rightful crowning of Belini as queen.

Furthermore, the coordinator condemned the unhinged conduct exhibited by Becker’s husband, emphasizing that such brutal behavior was unacceptable.

Although this one ended in an unexpected way, we love beauty pageants, and we find them so inspiring. And recently, Miss England finalist has taken the brave decision to compete makeup-free, proving that beauty shines better when it is all-natural.

Preview photo credit The Telegraph / YouTube


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