Eight elegant Christmas tree decor ideas

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Сhristmas is coming, and the time has finally come to decorate your Christmas tree. In order to not get lost among the abundance of baubles and garland, we here at Bright Side have collected eight stunning decorating ideas. We’re sure you will find something you like here.

Minimalist Christmas tree

If you don’t like Christmas trees that are too bright with lots of lights, just use pre-packaged sets of decorations to dress it up. This tree will look great in any interior. Moreover, it will no longer be a problem to find a place for all your ornaments on the branches.

Amusing Christmas tree with bright decorations

Use beautiful candy-like decorations featuring bright colors, add some bead-garland and tinsel and that’s it! Your Christmas tree is ready. You can combine both favorite decorations from your childhood and modern ones. The mixing will make your Christmas tree look unique and stylish.

Christmas tree with red decorations

You can’t imagine Christmas and New Year celebrations without the color red. That is why you can just dress up your tree with red baubles, stars, snowflakes and beads. Both young and old will like such a traditional way of decorating.

Three, two, one... lights on!

What can be more festive than a Christmas tree wrapped in lights? As soon as the tree lights are turned on and the room lights off, we dive into a magical fairy tale atmosphere. Even adults begin to believe in miracles.

Baubles and lights

No doubts, traditional baubles rank among the leaders: don’t think too much — just choose the baubles you like and put them at equal distance from one another.

The most elegant Christmas tree

Such decoration can be enjoyed for hours: unusual toys, garlands, ornaments, branches looking as if they are covered with snow. Don’t be afraid to be overzealous. The main rule here is to decide on the overall color and style scheme that you would like to use for your Christmas tree decorations. Invite your kids to help you. If they are very imaginative, that’s exactly what we need.

Vintage Christmas tree

The Christmas decorations we used to have during our childhood can usually only be found at vintage shops or flea markets. But these things are still very valuable to us, evoking lots of happy memories.

Creative Christmas tree

If you don’t have any troubles using your imagination, you most likely have stunning Christmas tree decorating ideas. You can use almost everything. For example, you can decorate with dried fruit, ginger cookies, homemade crafts, handmade toys and gift cards ... Let your Christmas tree reflect your creativity!

Finally, you are always welcome to decorate the tree with your cat

Preview illustration credit: © Caro Martini


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