Ella Travolta Posts the Sweetest Tribute to Her Dad on His 69th Birthday

John Travolta is a hands-on single dad to his daughter Ella, 22, and son Ben, 12. And on his 69th birthday, Ella celebrated her dad by sharing an adorable tribute to him on her Instagram. We can’t get enough of the bright love in this family despite all the tragedies they’ve been through. And seeing the solid bond between this dad-daughter duo gives us goosebumps.

On his big day, Ella posted a pic with her dad, posing cheek to cheek, and wrote ’’Yesterday marked the birthday of my hero.’’ She added, ’’The most incredible father, friend, and role model anyone could ask for. I love you, Daddy❤️❤️❤️’’

John returned the affection and commented, ’’I love you too my dearest Ella. More than you know.’’

And this is not the first time this dad-daughter duo has expressed their admiration for one another.

John often shares how proud he is of his kids and makes sure to shower them with kind words on every occasion. On Ella’s 21st birthday, for example, the actor wrote, ’’Happy 21st birthday to the most beautiful, kind human being and artist I know. Your dad adores you!’’

And in her turn, on Father’s Day 2021, Ella once again paid tribute to her dad and reflected on the unique bond she shares with him, as well as the positive influence he has on her life.

She wrote, ’’You make parenting look so easy, though it not always is.’’ She continued saying that he makes ’’every day better than the one before’’ and ’’brings joy’’ whenever his kids are feeling sad. Ella then described her loving papa as her ’’best friend.’’ She concluded by saying, ’’I hope to be even half as good of a parent as you someday’’ before wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

John is now Ella’s and Ben’s only living parent, given that the family lost their mom, actress Kelly Preston, to cancer in July 2020.

They also lost their older brother Jett, back in 2009, at the age of 16.

And Ella has definitely inherited her parents’ artistic talent and followed in their footsteps when it comes to acting.

In fact, she landed her first role on the big screen at the tender age of 9. In 2019, she starred in the thriller The Poison Rose, opposite her dad and Morgan Freeman.

And John couldn’t be any prouder or more supportive of the path that Ella is paving for herself.

He shared, ’’She is her own person. She is gracious, generous, poised, graceful, and gorgeous. I don’t know how she came to be, and I don’t take any credit other than just adoring her.’’

Preview photo credit johntravolta/ Instagram


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