Rihanna Responds to Her Fans’ Criticism After She Called Her Son “Fine”

10 months ago

Over the years, people have tried to come at Rihanna for everything from her hair to her clothing, but she always claps back. Even other celebs have tried to call her out. And this time it’s about her baby. Riri gifted the world with a cute kid not very long ago and she can’t help but admire this little bundle of joy. Some people, however, disliked the way Rihanna talked about her son on social media.

She’s the queen of clap backs, and she always comes out on top.

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Some people got up in arms about how Rihanna talked about her baby. Luckily, some of her fans had her back. One supporter straight up said, “Y’all forgot about Rihanna’s clap backs on Twitter?” And they’re right! RiRi doesn’t let anyone get her down.

It all started with a single word.

Rihanna had to bite back at the fans who criticized her for calling her son “fine.” She first said it on Instagram when she posted a photo shoot with her baby for British Vogue. She wrote, “my son so fine! Idc idc idc! How crazy both of my babies were in these photos and mommy had no clue.”

Some fans thought it was inappropriate.

Turns out some of Rihanna’s followers had a problem with her calling her adorable little boy “fine.” One person even commented, “Who calls a baby fine?” But Rihanna was quick to respond, saying, “His mother does!!!” She also shut down another commenter who accused her of referring to her child as a “grown man,” by telling them to keep their “lil cougar paws” away from him.

Rihanna noticed the comments.

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One user expressed their discomfort, saying, “Ok, I love RiRi, but her calling her son fine don’t sit right with me.” Another user questioned, “What do you mean your son is ’fine’?” and a third comment read, “He’s cute, not ’fine.’ That’s a baby, man.” Rihanna took notice of these comments and responded to them while her fans came to her defense against the “strange” criticism.

Rihanna loves being a mom and doesn’t care about the criticism.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are totally in love with their baby, and they don’t care what others say. “Rihanna is absolutely obsessed with her baby boy.” Since their little dude was born, RiRi and A$AP have only gotten closer. They also want to keep their kid away from the public eye as much as possible. Sometimes Rihanna just can’t help herself though — her Instagram is blowing up with adorable baby pics.

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It's her son, he'll probably be just fine no matter what really its a great name when you think about it . I'm fine he can always say and mean it not like all who pretend to be and aren't myself included


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