Eva Longoria Reveals the Heartbreaking Childhood Memory That Transformed Her Personality

6 months ago

The 48-year-old Desperate Housewives star acknowledges that she didn’t mind being cast as Gabrielle Solis, a character that focused heavily on her looks, because she enjoyed being praised for something she had never seen in herself. When asked about her self-confidence, Longoria attributes it to her experience as the “gray mouse” in her family.

Longoria opens up that she did not identify herself as a beauty growing up. And the relationship in the family contributed to this. She’s saying, “All my three sisters were blonde. And I was the only one that came out with black hair, dark skin, dark eyes.”

That distinction became one of the family jokes. “My mom and family called me ’The ugly dark one’,” opens up Longoria.

But it didn’t stop her from succeeding. The realization that she is not the pretty one in her family made the actress decide to become the funny one. She reasons, “I think that has lent itself to my personality. I just don’t value beauty in my self very much.”

Eva recently talked about how it’s concerning that many young women compare themselves to others because of the pictures they see on Instagram and TikTok.

In an interview with People magazine, she said, “I’m lucky I didn’t grow up with social media. I never had that pressure about looks that I think a lot of young girls have today. It’s tough with all the comparisons and trying to match these images that are often hard to reach.”

Longoria never felt the need to find role models elsewhere because the women in her life are incredibly inspiring. It was this example that made her move forward and made her feel like she never did enough.

She explains, “I come from a family of strong, independent women. My mom raised four girls, including one with special needs. She worked full-time, had dinner ready every day at six, and attended all our band and cheerleading practices.”

If you want to see how the other characters on Wisteria Lane have changed, be sure to read the article before you go


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