Nick Cannon Is Expecting His 12th Kid Just 5 Days After His Last Baby Announcement as Fans React

Nick Cannon is currently expecting his twelfth child. It was just recently revealed that he is expecting this baby, and after hearing the news, fans have something to say about his rapidly growing family tree. Let’s see what’s going on in Cannon’s household now.

A loving father

Nick Cannon has taken on a variety of hats since he began his career in 1998, including host, comedian, and actor. He, however, has probably played his most significant role away from cameras as a father. During one of his interviews, he got candid about his passion: “I’m so excited about all my kids.”

He’s a father of 11, soon to be 12.

Cannon has had 11 kids with six different women. Moroccan and Monroe, the twins Nick had with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, were the spark for everything. Cannon started the divorce process in 2014, and it was concluded in 2016. Moroccan and Monroe were the actor’s only children for the following 6 years. He later had kids with Brittany Bell (who he shares 3 kids with), Abby de la Rosa (their twins were born June 14, 2021, and his eleventh child on Nov. 11, 2022), and Alyssa Scott.

Bre Tiesi (a model and actress) gave birth to Cannon’s eighth child, Legendary Love, in late July 2022. The mothers of Cannon’s children, according to Tiesi, are all supportive of one another despite the fact that he has courted numerous women. “I feel like everybody is focused on their own family and their own situation,” she told the Know For Sure podcast in June, “and we’re all very supportive and just respect that. Like, That’s your family, this is ours, and [if] you need anything, we’re here.” And Lanisha Cole (model) welcomed Cannon’s ninth child, Onyx Ice Cole, on September 14, 2022.

He loves his kids to no end.

It seems like Nick Canon is a dad who loves kids endlessly. During one of his interviews, he revealed that he loves kids constantly, from every aspect of it. “From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade to the birth of the new ones. Every day I just wake up excited as a father.”

His family tree is blooming and blooming.

“It’s my job to never let your crown fall,” Nick wrote as he described the photo above. Now being a father of 12 children, his fans are sharing their opinions.

How fans reacted to the news

While there were so many different reactions from his fans, we respect his decision and want to share some of our favorite reactions with you.

Nick Cannon is just 42, so the tree could grow even further. What do you think about him having 12 kids? How many kids do you have?

Preview photo credit nickcannon / Instagram


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