Father Tries to Keep His Autistic Son Away From the Royal Guard, but Things Don’t Go As Planned

11 months ago

The video about a father holding his son and not letting him come too close to the British royal guard has gone viral, all because of how the royal guard handled the situation.

The father looks nervous as he takes his autistic son to see the royal guard. He knows his son loves the uniforms and wants to make his wish come true, but at the same time, he respects the boundaries of the guard and wants to treat them properly.

He holds his son’s hand tightly and keeps whispering reminders to him to not get too close or touch the royal guard.

He hopes the guard will ignore them and not make a scene, but both to his and his son’s surprise, the guard suddenly moves closer and waits until they take a photo.

This act garnered a lot of praise and admiration from internet users — here are a few of them:

  • Amazing how great people can be if just treated with respect. The dad knew and respected the boundaries of the guard’s job, and as a result, the guard did what he could within those same bounds. ©C0lMustard/reddit
  • Sometimes, the smallest gestures have the greatest impact...for all involved. ©Auntienursey/reddit
  • One small step for a guard, one massive show of respect from everyone involved. ©Dagojango/reddit

The world is full of stories of kindness that remind us we should always have faith in humanity. Here is another one about a baby with Down syndrome who was abandoned at birth but became a Hollywood star despite the odds.

Preview photo credit Sufficient-Bug-9112/reddit


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I've seen the video with the guard, nothing was said but he moved closer the the man and son so as not a big gap between them,very heartwarming.


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