People Kept Ignoring a Blind Man Until a Woman Changed His Sign

11 months ago

A home-grown video created by PurpleFeather to show how our words can make a difference in our world got more than 27mln views on YouTube and gained a huge number of rapturous comments. All because it proves that words are a strong power. Here is the story.

A man was sitting on the sidewalk every day, holding a cardboard sign that read “I’m blind, please help.” But people walked past him, barely noticing his existence. He felt invisible and hopeless, wondering if anyone cared.

One day, a woman stopped by his side and asked him if she could change his sign. He agreed, curious about what she would write. She took his sign and wrote something new on it. Then she left, smiling at him.

He noticed a difference right away. People started to look at him, to talk to him, to drop coins and bills into his cup. He felt a surge of gratitude and joy, wondering what the woman had written.

The next day when she arrived, he asked to read his sign for him. The new sign was saying, “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.” He realized then the power of words, and how they could change his life.

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Preview photo credit Purplefeather/Facebook


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