Former Flight Attendant Switches Her Dream Job to Work at McDonald’s: “I Earn More”

10 months ago

Saffron Laszkowicz made headlines when she shared her unexpected career shift on TikTok. Initially, she had embarked on what many consider a glamorous journey as a flight attendant, but the reality proved different.

In December 2020, Saffron began working at McDonald’s, finding herself with ample free time. In May 2022, following her passion, she joined the cabin crew after completing training.

However, the financial aspect took an unexpected turn. Saffron realized that her income had decreased compared to her days at McDonald’s. Consequently, in October 2022, she returned to part-time work at the fast-food giant while continuing her journey as a flight attendant.

Balancing both roles, Saffron persevered but ultimately left her position at Ryanair due to financial constraints. Her story resonated with many, shedding light on flight attendants’ often underestimated pay scale.

With a cheerful tone, Saffron shared, “I get paid for every minute, with less travel time. I’m earning the same, if not more, with less stress. This grants me more free time for family and personal growth.”

One supportive comment read, “No shame in working fast food. Managers can make good money and a flexible schedule.”

Indeed, Saffron’s journey illustrates the importance of following one’s path, regardless of preconceived notions or societal expectations.


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