Helen Hunt, 59, Can’t Stand Beauty Norms Anymore, And Her Fans Are Thrilled By That

8 months ago

Helen Hunt’s followers on Instagram are showing their appreciation for her latest post. The famous actress appeared delightful as she proudly displayed her wrinkles and appeared utterly authentic. In a time when many people use beauty treatments and filters to appear youthful, Helen’s honest photo was a refreshing change.

The beauty in embracing yourself

Hunt posted a selfie while heading to the second season premiere of Blindspotting. She wore minimal makeup and had wavy hair, much of which she said was her own. Her admirers complimented her in the comments for being honest about her age and embracing her flaws.

One individual said, “Thank you for looking real, authentic, and gorgeous!!” while another wrote, “I’m happy you don’t change your face with Chirurgie and Botox. Natural.”

It’s all about being comfortable with yourself.

The Mad About You star, who is 59 years old, is not just accepting the aging process but also maintaining a healthy lifestyle by staying fit through physical activity.

She has previously mentioned that she prefers to stay active, stating, “As a general rule, I tend to move. I don’t go to a gym ever. I don’t diet ever.”

Hunt mentioned that back in the 1980s, she used to go on diets, but it made her feel “unhappy.” So, she chose to stop pursuing the idea of a “perfect body.” Instead, she concentrated on staying healthy through walking, surfing, and yoga.

She always valued her own needs

Regarding her philosophy on beauty, Helen has one crucial rule she strongly believes in: “Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself.” She recognizes that achieving this goal isn’t always easy.

Helen values comfort and prefers a relaxed lifestyle over a high-maintenance one. She mentioned, “The people I work with beg me to put on something other than sweatpants.”

Nevertheless, Helen enjoys getting a makeover from time to time, especially when she has an important event like a premiere. She said, “I didn’t go to my high school prom, so I try to turn those events into a prom moment.”

Self-love is the path to happiness because our body keeps us going, and it is a miracle that needs to be cherished to the fullest. Would you like to read more inspiring stories like this? Make sure to check out our previous article!

Preview photo credit helenhunt / Instagram


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