Host and My Kid Wore Matching Outfits, and I Was Accused of Ruining the Party

7 months ago

Going to a party is always exciting unless it brings some kind of trouble. A woman on Reddit shared how visiting a kid’s party turned into a dilemma for her and asked advice from other Internet users on whether she was right in her decisions or whether she was simply overthinking.

Here is how the story went: “I have two kids. My daughter’s name is Aurora. My husband and I chose that name because it was slightly similar to my late FIL’s, and worked well with our last names. It had nothing to do with the princess from Sleeping Beauty. In spite of that, we’ve had fun with that movie in the past, and ever since my daughter realized that she shared names with a Disney character, Princess Aurora has been her favorite.

Our family went to Disney World in July, and while there, we bought my daughter a Princess Aurora costume. She adores it and wears it whenever she has the chance.

Two weeks ago, one of Aurora’s friends from school threw a princess-themed birthday party. She encouraged her friends to wear costumes. My daughter wanted to go as her favorite character, which didn’t surprise me at all.”

“When we got to the party, the birthday girl came to greet my daughter, and she was also dressed as Princess Aurora. I didn’t know what her costume was going to be prior to the party. I got worried for a second, but the birthday girl was actually really excited. She said that they looked like twins. It was adorable. They ran off to play and I forgot about the costumes for a while.

About 30 minutes into the party, I was at a table with some of the other moms when the birthday girl’s mother came up to me. She asked if I had brought any spare clothes for Aurora. I said yes (I always bring an extra shirt and shorts for her). She then asked me to change my daughter into the spare clothes and out of her costume.

The mother explained that she’d hired a photographer to walk around taking pictures of the kids, and was also planning on getting a group photo near the end of the party. She didn’t want anyone wearing the same costume as her daughter in these pictures. She also thought her daughter might get jealous since my kid gets to share her name with their favorite princess.”

“Now, if the birthday girl was the one who had a problem, I might’ve considered changing Aurora into her spare clothes. But no, she was genuinely excited they were dressed the same. It also didn’t feel fair to force my daughter to be the only one without a costume at a party full of children in princess dresses. I said no and explained my reasoning to the girl’s mom. She insisted for a few minutes, but I held my ground. Some of the other moms started to back me up, and she eventually got up and left.

When I went to pick up my kids earlier this week, I ran into her friend’s mom. She accused me of ruining her daughter’s party by allowing Aurora to wear the same costume as her. She told me she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to look at the pictures without being disgusted by my behavior.

I thought she was exaggerating, but I’m starting to doubt myself. Our conflict has found its way to the mom group chat we’re both in, and opinions over there are divided. Some think having two girls wear the same costume is no big deal, others think I should have changed my daughter’s clothes.”

Other users stood with the author cheering her up with the following words:

  • Seriously! The birthday girl saw <strong>“TWINSIES!” and fell in love with her other half. I love that kids don’t have adult hangups. No1Especial / Reddit
  • There are only so many Disney princesses. If this was something you were concerned about, let people know what the birthday girl is dressed up as and to come as something else. bebeschtroumph / Reddit
  • She doesn’t even specify that it’s a Disney Princess party. Just a Princess party. If mom wanted her daughter to stand out, she could have DIYd a generic princess costume. MoonandStars83 / Reddit

Situations can be different and oftentimes they leave us speechless. Here is another story of a MIL who secretly cut her granddaughter’s hair without her mom’s permission.

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