How 20 Animals Look Before Giving Birth (New Pics)

2 years ago

Pregnancy... A joyous time for all creatures. Yet some of them have to endure it for much longer than others. A black alpine salamander, for one, has to carry her babies for 2 to 3 years. That’s a long time, and at the end we’re sure she’s thinking, “Get it over with!”

We at Bright Side feel these animals’ pain, for sure. And we can’t help it — we think it’s so funny to see them with balloon-shaped, big bellies. Join the fun!

1. An elk hopping around in the snow, carrying a baby inside

2. No, I didn’t eat too many worms yesterday! But I wish I did...

3. Tell me what you know about a pear-shaped body...

4. Godzilla’s coming to town.

5. See that barbed wire? Don’t come near me, I’m pregnant!

6. This baby is definitely gonna be “down to earth.”

7. Guys, I heard Swedish dads get maternity leave too!

8. Cute little piglets, they said... You wouldn’t call them little if you were me.

9. It’s my 5th time. Nothing surprises me anymore...

10. She’s got a whole portion of “ratatouille” in her tummy.

11. One belly button coming right up!

12. Bambi? Is that you?

13. Showcasing her tummy like the precious thing it is.

14. What if those little ones already have needles?

15. I’d sleep standing up too, if I could. Trust me on this one.

16. What are you looking at? It’s all fluff! OK, it’s not...

17. Get up, you lazy head! Your brother is popping out any minute now.

18. Big goosebumps you got, lady!

19. Draw me like one of your French girls...

20. Never seen a pregnant ant? Ta-daaah!

Luckily for all, when the pregnancy is over, both animals and humans get to enjoy a completely new lifestyle. And we experience cuteness overload by just watching the babies grow.

Share your little ones with us, whoever they are! Be it a mouse, a moose, or a monkey — we wanna see them now.


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