How Fatherly Love Turned a Boy With Down Syndrome Into a Man Who Owns a Multimillion-Dollar Business

There are many impressive stories from the real lives of ordinary people, where love from a mom and dad worked real wonders for their kids. Parents are people who not only give us life, but who become our greatest source of support and motivation. Today’s featured hero, John Cronin, is a man with Down syndrome, who shows, by his own example, how fatherly love can make a kid with a special condition go far beyond all social expectations. We’d love for you to read his inspiring life story together with us.

John’s dad, Mark Cronin, has always been there for his special son.

Mark Cronin and his wife Carol have been married for over 37 years and are the proud parents of 3 sons. Their youngest son, John, was born with Down syndrome. As a man who grew up in a strict family, Mark Cronin has always tried to be a kind and caring father for all of his kids, and especially for John, who needed him the most.

Mark graduated from Harvard in his earlier years, and after graduation, he had a lifetime goal: to do what he could do in order to change the world. And this ambition came to life with his youngest son, John. Right after his birth, the loving dad became very focused on the medical issues that John had. And today he is happy that his son was finally able to make it through all of the pitfalls of his special condition.

Mark has a very peculiar approach to teaching his kids, and this is especially true for John.

While being asked a question about his parenting strategy, Mark said, “I think this is what we do as parents, right? It is to promote independence, and that’s been true for all 3 of our sons. You just want to keep pushing them to stand on their own 2 feet, to make their own decisions, and to lead their own lives. We try to imbue them with certain values that we have, but in the end, they get to choose that.”

The father has always had a very sober approach to his special son. He says, “I don’t think of John as my son with Down syndrome. He’s my third son.” Despite all of the challenges in raising John, Mark managed to make him quite an independent man, and one day John impressed him to the core.

Discovering John’s rare talent turned into a huge success.

John’s career options were limited by his condition. Besides, John was sure he wanted to work with his dad Mark.

“It was John’s idea that we should go into business together,” recalls Mark. “John was still in high school and that was his last year of school. Together we were trying to figure out what he would do when school ended. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great choices for people with differing abilities.”

The dad was really thrilled with the idea of starting a business with his son. Inspiration finally came from John’s childhood passion for colorful, unusual socks, and here’s how a sock empire called John’s Crazy Socks finally started.

Today, John’s Crazy Socks has millions of dollars in revenue. It offers the biggest choice of high-quality socks on the internet and employs people of all abilities. It is considered one of the most adored companies in the world—all thanks to the awesome ideas of its Chief Happiness Officer, John Cronin.

“I have Down syndrome, but Down syndrome never holds me back,” says John. “Look at what people can do, not what they cannot do.

Do you find John’s story inspiring? What would you say to his dad if you had a chance to meet him personally?


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