I Adopted My Husband’s Ex-Wife’s Baby So He Didn’t Grow Up in Foster Care Like I Did (Exclusive)

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8 months ago

Christie Werts, a 48-year-old mom from Ohio, did something that got many people talking. She did something not every woman would do—she adopted her husband’s ex-wife’s son. She did it because she loved him and had a tough childhood.

When the time was right, Christie didn’t hesitate to adopt.

Christie Werts, aged 48, crossed paths with her husband, Wesley, five years ago. Together, they united their two families, which included Christie’s kids, Megan and Vance, and Wesley’s children, Austin and Dakota.

One day, they received the heartbreaking news that Wesley’s ex-wife and the mother of Austin and Dakota had passed away. In a heartbeat, the couple made a significant decision and lovingly welcomed her newborn baby, Levi, into their family.

As of January 2023, the mom has successfully completed the legal adoption process for Levi. She is now raising him as her own child. She shares, “When I first heard about Levi, I didn’t think twice; I knew we had to take him into our family.”

Christie had a difficult upbringing and was determined not to let Levi experience the same hardships.

Christie opens up, saying, “I myself was a foster kid and, although I had a great experience for the most part, I did not want him going to foster care. My husband did not really speak to the biological mother’s family often, but she had Levi on a Monday and passed away that Friday.”

She continues, “We lived in another state at the time, so we sold our home in Ohio and rented a house in Texas because we had to officially foster to adopt him. So we did — the process took 16 months.”

She explained that even though her experience in foster care had been generally positive, but her deep love for her stepkids compelled her to ensure they could be with their half-brother. She was committed to preventing Levi from entering the foster care system.

Expressing her deep love for children, she formed quick bonds with her stepkids and experienced an immediate connection with her biological kids. However, her relationship with Levi was unique; she initially worried that the circumstances might hinder an instant connection with him, as they had never met before. Nevertheless, Levi quickly won her heart, and she felt an intense need to protect him.

Christie Werts is a true hero! And before you go, feel free to explore another article where we discuss the challenges and rewards of being a single parent. Learn about the remarkable story of a single mom who adopted six children, transforming their lives in ways you won’t want to miss.


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