“It Isn’t Easy Being an Only Parent, but the Rewards Are Immeasurable,” a Single Mom Adopts 6 Kids and Changes Their Lives Forever

Single parenthood is indeed very challenging since one has to fill in for both parents while providing for a child’s emotional, developmental, and financial needs. Every responsibility that was meant to be shared among 2 has to be taken solely by one. And in the case of Susan Noelle Smith, we’re not talking about one child, but 6, all adopted by choice by this big-hearted, compassionate single mom whose love and devotion will absolutely melt your heart.

Starting her journey toward motherhood

When she decided to start her journey, Susan Noelle Smith was worried she wouldn’t be considered a good candidate to adopt, as she didn’t have the necessary network of support. She had recently moved to a new town away from her family and only had one friend that lived nearby. Despite everything, she was determined to take on the challenge.

Fostering her first baby boy

Susan Noelle Smith, a single woman from Texas, always longed to be a mother, and she felt called to adoption from a very young age without really knowing what that would entail for a single woman. With time, the longing started growing stronger. Refusing to ignore her calling, she finally made up her mind about fostering kids in need. And a baby boy, Jackson, got placed in Susan’s home while he was a 9-month-old, and it took her some time to adjust to becoming a mother.

Following the placement, Susan didn’t hesitate to take 6 weeks off to try bonding with the baby, which helped her to become more comfortable in her new role. At first, the foster mom was concerned about whether people would accept her decision to be a single mom. Her fear came to an end the day she decided to take Jackson to a gathering with her.

There, an older woman just went to them and couldn’t stop gushing about how cute the baby boy was, and she comforted her by telling her what a great job she was doing. This gave Susan immediate relief. Jackson officially became Susan’s son in 2015, and it was a memorable day for both the new mommy and the little boy.

The fostering journey continues.

When Jackson turned 3 years old, Susan decided to reopen her door for fostering, and 9 babies passed through her care over the course of 5 years. No matter how challenging the journey was, it was all worth it for Susan and Jackson.

The new addition to the family

After 5 years of being a foster mom, Susan decided to take a break and went on a vacation to Hawaii alone with her son. Her calling was awakened again not long after they came back, and the mother decided to take a new baby under her wing. Baby Bear entered their home, and Susan immediately knew that she would never let go of him no matter how big of a challenge juggling 2 kids would be for her.

An unexpected phone call

A few months later, Susan got a new placement call. This time, Bear’s birth mom welcomed a new baby to this world, baby Lilou. Smith didn’t hesitate for a second to unite the newborn with her biological brother, Bear.

A fourth baby boy joins Susan’s expanding family.

Several months after Lilou joined them, the foster mom received a new call for baby Auggie. The little one was fragile and Susan was heartbroken to learn about the baby’s many health issues and instantly knew she had to be there for him.

Another surprise call changes their lives forever.

A couple of days after Lilou’s first birthday, and to everybody’s surprise, Bear and Lilou’s biological mother gave birth to a third child, baby Luca. As Susan had promised herself to never separate siblings, within a few breaths she said yes to welcoming the newborn into her joyous family, thus uniting the 3 biological siblings under one roof. Susan’s devotion did not stop there, as recently, a sixth child joined her loving family.

Do you think that family is defined by DNA or by choice? We’d love for you to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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