I Am 65, but People Can’t Tell Me Apart From My Daughter and Granddaughter, Here’s My Secret

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This awesome grandma works out five days a week. At the age of 65, she only dates men who are much younger than she is. People often can’t tell her apart from her daughter and granddaughter, and she even shares clothes with them. Today, Lesley Maxwell shared some spicy details from her life and showed her techniques that help her stay so good-looking and full of vigor at 65.

Lesley Maxwell’s name is a synonym to “energy and vigor”.

When we’re 65 years old, we may hope to be living a life of leisure, spending our weekends eating something delicious in front of our TV. But not Lesley Maxwell.

Lesley is known as a newly single grandma. But she’s not a typical granny, who spends days calmly in retirement. Lesley is just unstoppable, and the woman works out 5 days a week. She won her first fitness competition when she was 49.

Lesley Maxwell is a Melbourne native. She now has more than 130,000 followers in her Instagram, and each of her posts is about an active lifestyle and fitness. Lesley revealed that she’s always had a big interest in fitness and healthy lifestyle. She has always wanted to nourish her body to look and feel younger, and many people admit that Lesley achieved her goal.

Lesley is often thought to be much younger than she really is.

Lesley Maxwell has a daughter and 3 grandchildren. Even her relationship with the younger women in her family is special. She’s the person who sets the rhythm for everyone, including her granddaughter Tia Christofi. Both women are often seen working out together, and from their posts on Instagram it can be understood, that grandmother and granddaughter both work hard to stay fit and youthful.

A super fit grandmother, together with her glam daughter and granddaughter keep wowing people who can’t believe the three women are three different generations.

Lesley even shares clothes with her daughter, Vanessa Christofi, and her granddaughter.

Lesley’s personal life is also anything but boring.

While Lesley is expected to be communicating with people her age and find the common interests with someone who’s around 60, she breaks stereotypes even here. The 65-year-old fitness fanatic only dates men who were born after 1957. Lesley insists that all men she would ever consider a relationship with, must be younger than her.

And younger men do approach her, and it works, because the woman is not bothered by her real age and feels ageless. All of her previous partners have been younger than her, including her ex-husband, whom she had a 13-year age gap with.

Lesley has gained a lot of benefits from the gym.

Lesley became a personal trainer when she was already 48 years old, and she won her first competition later, at 49. When she compares her mental and physical state now and at her younger age, she confesses that now she feels much happier. The woman has become more confident and her workouts brought her not only her glorious looks. She has made many friends through going to the gym and taking part in various competitions.

In her childhood, Lesley used to love being strong, and it was a real pleasure for her to win bets with boys that she could lift more than them. Her mum told her that boys don’t like girls with muscles, but at the age of 65, Lesley is convinced that they actually do.

The woman reveals how exactly she manages to stay fit and forever young.

Lesley supposed that it’s out of the ordinary to imagine a grandmother to be doing deadlifts and chin-ups in the gym. However, weight training is a thing that Lesley actually recommends to women of all ages. She claims training this way has a plenty of health benefits.

She even called weight-training the “anti-aging” method for those who want to stay fit and strengthen their bones. Lesley explained that this training helps add muscle, and she would really love to see more women of all ages doing weight-training at the gym.

She herself spends most days in the gym both as a trainer and as a visitor, doing her weight-training sessions. She often gets some incidental exercise, apart from her usual training routine, so it could be said that the woman literally lives in the gym.

And here’s yet another motivational story about a woman who’s now 45, but no one can tell her apart from her 22-year-old daughter. And she even goes on double dates with her daughter.


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