I Got a Terrible Blow-Out at the Salon, but I Was Too Afraid to Complain

6 months ago

Maggie DePalo, a comedian from Chicago, recently went viral by showing her disastrous blow-out. Asking for a hairdo to go to one of her shows, she wasn’t prepared for the 80s hairstyle she would get.

Venting on TikTok, Maggie said it was the first time she went to the boutique — which name she won’t disclosure. Sharing the chaotic scenario, she told the camera that she found herself seated in a chair, ready to have her hair washed before a team of individuals set to work on styling it.

“Multiple people ferociously use round brushes on you, so many round brushes,” she said. “At one point, my head was way down, and when I looked up, and I came to, somebody else was pouring some white powder on my hair. The woman that was originally doing it is now answering the door, and they’re selling purses.”

When the hairdo was done, she wasn’t happy with the results. At the same time, she wasn’t ready to complain. “Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly what I had anticipated, but I was too afraid to ask for the manager because I’m white and I have blonde hair, and I don’t wanna end up on the 9 o’clock news,” she said.

Later in an interview, DePalo shared that she expressed her desire for the stylists to add volume as she had a significant show scheduled for the evening, explaining that her hair was extremely flat.

“It’s pretty disturbing, so, trigger warning,” she cautioned, preceding the revealing of the “after” image from her hairstyling adventure.

The result was so over the top that the video gained nearly a million views since it was posted. And the reactions were just as funny as the video itself:

DePalo shared that she saw the untamed outcome of her hair in the salon mirror. However, she refrained from voicing any dissatisfaction to avoid “insulting someone” or causing them to redo the entire process. “When I got in my car, and my hair reached the ceiling, I realized it was far worse than I thought,” she said. Despite attempting to brush it down, she found that it “stayed pretty blown out throughout the entire day.”

Preview photo credit maggiehughesdepal / TikTok


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