I Kicked Out My DIL for Calling Me ’Mom’

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Our reader Margaret shared an interesting story. She’s a 47-year-old woman who has a son, Michael (28), married to Jenna (28). They’ve been together for five years and married for three, and she always believed they had a decent relationship. However, an incident during a family dinner at her house made her question things.

This wasn’t the first time Jenna had called her “Mom”.

On the day of the dinner, everything initially seemed to be going smoothly. Michael and Jenna brought their two kids, who happily played in the backyard. Michael was setting the table, and Jenna was in the kitchen cooking. Margaret enjoyed these gatherings, as they brought a sense of unity and warmth to their family. But this time, something happened that would cast a shadow over the evening.

As she was arranging the dishes, Jenna called out from the kitchen, “Mom, can you pass me the salt?” This wasn’t the first time Jenna had called her “Mom,” and although it always made her feel uncomfortable, she had never addressed it. She tried to brush off the discomfort and continue with the evening, but the unease nagged at her, casting a pall over her mood.

Jenna didn't get what was wrong about calling her mom.

After dinner, once the kids were asleep, and it was just the three of them cleaning up, Margaret decided she couldn’t let it go any longer. She asked Jenna if they could have a chat. Jenna, looking a bit surprised, agreed, and they sat down at the kitchen table.

Margaret gently explained that being called “Mom” made her uncomfortable and she’d prefer if Jenna called her by her name. Jenna, looking confused and slightly hurt, explained that she thought it would bring them closer, as she saw Margaret as a second mother. While Margaret appreciated the sentiment, it felt wrong to her, as she already had a daughter and felt that the term “Mom” was too personal.

She asked Jenna to leave.

Michael, who had been washing dishes, overheard their conversation and came over to see what was going on. When Jenna explained, Michael looked at his mother and said, “Mom, you know Jenna means well. Can’t you just let it go?”

His words felt like a betrayal to Margaret. She had expected her son to understand her feelings and support her. Instead, she felt ganged up on in her own home. Feeling her blood start to boil, Margaret snapped. She told Jenna that she needed to leave, explaining that she needed some space.

Michael tried to calm her down, but she was too upset. The couple left, and Margaret was left alone, feeling like the worst person ever. She sat in her now quiet house, reflecting on what had happened. She knew she had overreacted, but at that moment, it felt like Jenna was trying to take her place.

Margaret needs a bit of advice if she is completely wrong.

Margaret spent the rest of the evening replaying the event in her mind. She thought about how much she loved her son and how she had always tried to build a good relationship with Jenna. But now, she felt everything was in jeopardy.

She wondered if she was overthinking the situation, or if she had been too harsh. Her mind raced with doubts and questions, and she couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt. She needed to vent, to get an outside perspective on what had happened.

She hopes that sharing her story with our readers would help her understand if she had indeed overreacted or if her feelings were justified.

Family unity is crucial for support and happiness, but sometimes our emotions get the best of us, leading to unintended hurt towards those we love. It's important to find a balance and communicate openly to maintain strong, healthy relationships.


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