I Refused to Pay for My Small Niece’s Hearing Aids Even Though I Have a Ton of Money

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5 months ago

Helping our nearest and dearest is probably the thing that is nearly an instinct for many of us. Especially if the help is needed for a small baby with a disability, like in the case of our main hero. But this man totally refused to help his niece, though he had many possibilities to do so. His complicated story with his reasons for such an act is the subject of our today’s article.

The man turned to Reddit to tell about his complicated family situation.

A man who goes under a nickname Pristine_Carob5716 has turned to a popular social platform to tell his extraordinary family situation. He was in doubt about his own decision, so wanted to know if people would tell him he’s right or wrong for acting like he did.

He opened his story, saying that he and his wife are labelled as selfish for refusing to pay for their three-month-old baby niece’s hearing aids. And then he told people the details of the whole story.

His niece was recently diagnosed with Congenital hearing loss and is partially deaf in both ears. The doctors suggested that she be given hearing aids as soon as possible so as not to affect her development. However, the man’s sister-in-law, whose name’s Kate, can’t afford the $1000-$4000 per pair expense, especially without health insurance. So she decided to ask the man’s wife, who hates her, during their grandmother’s funeral.

The man’s SIL appeared to be in a desperate situation, but he refused to help her.

The man then goes on with an important backstory that sheds some light on why they refused to help. He wrote that his wife hates her sister with a burning passion, because of how Kate treated her. Ironically, the man’s wife was born partially deaf in her left ear.

But instead of Kate being a supporting sister, she teased her instead. What makes it more sickening, is how their parents turned a blind eye because Kate was their favorite child. Allowing Kate to shout ugly remarks about deaf people into her sister’s ear and more.

The man’s wife was really mistreated by her own family in her childhood.

The man revealed that his wife’s parents even ignored their youngest daughter’s need for a hearing aid, as they didn’t want to “waste” money. It wasn’t until his wife’s grandmother chipped in and bought a pair. But even then, her sister Kate would constantly steal it and torment her sister.

The last straw was when she intentionally broke it and her parents refused to replace it. Once again, refusing to “waste” money on their youngest child’s needs. The man’s wife eventually moved in with her grandmother and went no contact. And she thankfully got a new hearing aid.

The unpleasant situation took a turn in the family.

During their grandma’s funeral, Kate sat down uninvited to speak to the man and his wife. She wanted to ask an important favor in the name of “family”. The spouses already knew about her daughter’s condition, so she plainly just asked to cover the medical expenses. Mentioning how they could easily afford it. The man thinks she was expecting a “yes” because she was shocked when his wife said “no”. When Katie asked why, the man’s wife just went ballistic.

Calling her out on her audacity to attend a funeral to ask for money. Wanting the person you teased for being deaf to buy hearing aids for your deaf daughter. She even quoted Katie’s old remarks, “Deaf people are stupid,” “You dumb left deaf ear.”

After the man’s wife let it all out, Katie was speechless. She didn’t even try to act apologetic and just started shouting. Calling her sister psycho for holding so much resentment towards her till today. Calling her selfish, for refusing to help her niece over a childish grudge. Even gaslighting her for the next 5 minutes straight to make her believe she’s immoral. She eventually left screaming after calling them both disgusting for having so much money and not helping “family”.

The man ends his post, saying, “I don’t understand why I should spend my hard-earned money on someone else’s child.”

And here’s yet another strong family dilemma of a woman who refused to babysit her sister’s kids for free and got a ton of negativity for this.


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