“I Was Really Young When I Divorced His Father,” How Sofía Vergara Became a Mom at 19 and Raised Her Son All Alone

8 months ago

Sofía Vergara became a mother to her son, Manolo, when she was just 19 years old. With immense dedication, unwavering determination, and a boundless well of love, the star of Modern Family successfully raised her son as a single parent while steadfastly pursuing her career aspirations.

She worked hard to ensure his well-being.

Sofía Vergar was married to Joe Gonzalez from 1991 to 1993, and during this time, she became a mother to her son, Manolo, when she was just 19 years old. Following her separation from Gonzalez, Sofía focused on both her acting career and the upbringing of her son, ensuring he had everything he needed. “I was really young when I divorced his father, so I raised him to set the best example and give him the best I could. When people compliment me on him, ” how well mannered, how charming, funny, and well-behaved he is, it makes all the sacrifices worthwhile," she said.

Sofía Vergara, while not regretting becoming a mother at a young age, acknowledges that raising her son, Manolo, would have been easier if he had arrived in her life a decade later. In his early years, Sofía had to leave him in the care of his grandmother while she worked, a decision that tugged at her heartstrings each time. She believes motherhood involves instinct, a strong sense of responsibility, dedication, and even the capacity to forgive oneself.

She balanced her acting career with her role as a mother.

Over the years, Sofía’s career in the entertainment industry blossomed as Manolo grew up. Her journey included global travels with Fernando Fiore for Telemundo’s show, Fuera de serie, along with roles in notable movies like Chasing Papi, Four Brothers, and the rom-com favorite, Hot Pursuit. She also appeared in popular TV series like Family Guy and Modern Family.

She faced numerous challenges while making her way into the entertainment industry. In the early days of her career, finding suitable clothing was a struggle, with most dresses designed for size 0 figures. “I could never wear very fashionable things. It was whatever was left over. It had to be the one that fits,” Sofía revealed, “I was told to lose weight, but I kept my curves.”

Sofía became her son’s role model.

Moms are known for their wisdom and the valuable lessons they share, and Sofía Vergara, a dedicated mother, is certainly no different. She imparts important advice and guidance to her son, Manolo, concerning safety and wise choices, “Don’t walk down a back alley. Use your head. Don’t go alone on a train at 3 in the morning.” In an interview with Univision, she expressed her desire for Manolo to be with a kind and educated partner. Manolo appreciates his mom’s qualities as a wonderful mother and potential mother-in-law.

He followed in mom’s footsteps.

AXELLE WOUSSEN / BAUER-GRIFFIN / Bauer Griffin / East News

Having a famous mom played a role in shaping Manolo’s career. He pursued a path in film direction and holds a degree from Emerson College in Boston. Upon completing his studies, he returned to California and launched a YouTube channel where he shared insights into living with his mother. This project, Mi vida con Toty, gained popularity and even led to a Snapchat reality show named Vergaraland. Manolo’s journey also included acting, with a role in the film Destined to Ride and a part in the series Guilty Party: History of Lying.

Besides pursuing a career like his mother, Manolo also joins her at significant events within the entertainment industry. For instance, he was present at the ceremony where Sofía Vergara received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, showing his support and celebrating her remarkable achievements.

They enjoy spending time together more than anything.

Manolo and Sofía share a profound and enduring bond. They’ve been there for each other through life’s many milestones and cherished moments. For instance, Sofía stood by her son with immense pride and joy on his graduation day, celebrating his academic accomplishments. Manolo had the honor of accompanying his mother down the aisle when she tied the knot with Joe Manganiello, a heartwarming testament to their close relationship.

Manolo showed his unwavering support for Sofía during a significant moment in her career. When she completed her role in the series Modern Family, he wrote on his Instagram: “11 years, 250 episodes, and I could not be prouder of the history-making work you’ve accomplished! As this chapter closes, I’m excited for your next one!”

Sofía acknowledges that navigating the path of single motherhood at a young age presented its challenges. Yet, she views her journey with unique insight. While some of her friends may feel pressured to find a partner to start a family, she’s content because she already has her beloved son, Manolo.

A shared passion for dogs

Sofía and Manolo share a deep love for dogs, a passion they proudly display on their respective Instagram accounts with countless photos of their furry companions. Moreover, Manolo initiated his own canine clothing and accessories line, and Sofía enthusiastically joined him for the product launch.

Sofia Vergara is unquestionably a strong woman who has achieved a multitude of remarkable feats. Not only did she raise a child as a single mother, but she also went on to establish a highly successful career as both an actress and a model. In addition to these significant accomplishments, she also faced and overcame cancer.

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