I Accidentally Stole the Spotlight From the Bride at Her Wedding, and Now Everyone Thinks It Was Intentional

7 months ago

For a bride on her special day, the idea of being overshadowed is likely the least expected scenario. Yet, in the unpredictable world of weddings, it occasionally becomes an unintended reality. Today, we explore the story where a bride found herself sharing the spotlight in a very unexpected way.

What happened.

Rex Features / East News

“I (27F) am a black African woman. I became quite friendly with a colleague (60F) and she invited me to her daughter’s wedding. I was excited as I’ve never been to a white wedding. I asked if there was a dress code to adhere to since it wasn’t specified on the invite. I was told the code is ‘dress to impress’. Bet.

Day of the wedding, I wear my traditional wear, which is really beautiful. I get a lot of questions and compliments at the wedding, which I genuinely downplay because it’s not my day.”

“My colleague seems colder than usual, but I pay it no mind since she’s mother of bride and could be preoccupied. The bride is downright rude to me, but again I give her grace.

Monday I walked into whispers in the office, people acted strangely and more reserved than usual. An office friend pulls me aside and fills me in: bride’s mother is fuming. My outfit was too extravagant and inappropriate. I drew attention from the bride and was rude and disrespectful. She’s told people all about it, apparently.”

“I approached mother of the bride and asked to speak, but she said she had nothing to say to me. I explained to everyone who was scolding me that this was my first white people wedding: I specifically asked what to do wear and followed the guidelines. Where I’m from, there’s no such thing as outshining the bride — weddings are a fashion show and a chance to wear your best and brightest clothes.

I’m wondering if what I did was really that bad?”

Many people supported the author of the post.

Rex Features / East News
  • The mother is at fault here. Not only for being a gossip and for giving you bad advice but also for inviting you to her daughter’s wedding. The couple should be inviting people. fralupo / Reddit
  • I’m sure your outfit was beautiful. You asked for the dress code and you dressed accordingly. Bringing this issue at work is absolutely unprofessional and all your staring colleagues should look in a mirror first. Seriously are you working with preschoolers? Well probably not, they would be happy with anyone wearing bright and colorful outfits. Timely_Proposal_1821 / Reddit
  • You were told to dress to impress, and obviously you did... They’re mad you understood the assignment. Tired-mama-of-one / Reddit

But some took the bride’s side.

  • I genuinely feel bad for any bride who is so distracted by what any guest is wearing that it ruins her day. Stevie-Rae-5 / Reddit
  • Your dress would be not appropriate for the last wedding I attended in the UK, and maybe too fancy, but ok, for a black tie event I went to recently in the UK (wasn’t a wedding, but same standard as a black tie wedding). catsinthreads / Reddit
  • After seeing the picture of your gorgeous dress, I think I know where the cultural clash was — you were too dramatic, shiny and commandeered attention. notasia86 / Reddit

Many of us have become accustomed to the tradition of brides marrying in white dresses, adorned with veils and carrying bouquets. However, some women desire a more unique and memorable experience.

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