If Oscars Were Given for “Puppy Eyes” These 20 Little Guys Would Win

3 years ago

Although we truly believe that all dogs are adorable, some puppies have managed to reach the highest level of sweetness. These doggies mastered the art of puppy dog eyes so well, that they are going to make you squeal “awww” even if you are a cat person.

We at Bright Side couldn’t get past these adorable eyes and want to show them to our readers.

1. I’ll be your “pawsonal” assistant.

2. “She has her Masters in puppy eyes studies.”

3. “Hi, everyone, meet Koda! She specializes in puppy eyes and biting her husky brother Buddy’s ankles.”

4. “He looks at me like that when he wants to play!”

5. “Meet Charlie the chonker, 3 years old and still rocking the puppy eyes!”

6. “Huxley’s gaze gets me every time.”

7. “7 weeks to 6 months. How she’s grown!”

8. “Hey, mom, would you like to play?”

9. “Benji, our 7 month old Goldendoodle, is making those puppy eyes to get a treat for being a good boy.”

10. Ginger won’t let her guests leave without a goodbye treat.

11. This good boy says he’s sorry for bursting his favorite ball.

12. Milo’s “I am so sorry” face.

13. Puppy poodle eyes

14. Billy-Bob, a rescue pup, showing all his cuteness.

15. “Someone has stolen one of the human’s socks, and Mila denies having anything to do with it.”

16. “Hey, Mom, the sun woke me up. Could you play with me or give me something to eat?”

17. He is asking me to pet him this way.

18. “Hey, Ma, can we skip Monday, pretty please?”

19. “French roll”

20. “How on Earth is it possible to be this cute?”

Do your pets have these frisky eyes? What do they use their puppy eyes for? Tell us about them and show us their photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit sosbb / Reddit


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