If You Dream of Having a Kitten That Never Grows, a Munchkin Is What You’re Looking For

5 years ago

Kittens are so adorable and playful that every so often their owners have thought, “I wish they would stay this cute and little forever!” But of course, this isn’t impossible...or is it? Munchkins are a type of cat breed that look as if they’ve gotten stuck in their youth forever.

Bright Side wants to share some photos of these wonderful creatures with you!

“Here I am!”

Munchkins’ paws are 2-3 times shorter than the paws of regular cats.

That’s why they are often called “dachshunds of the cat world”.

But if you think that they’re unable to reach something they want, you are mistaken.

The Munchkins’ favorite pose reminds us of kangaroos.

Munchkins have their own celebrities.

Meet the Instagram celebrity, Albert. His owner likes to dress him up and more than 400,000 followers continue to watch him change his image.

And this is Pooh. His unearthly beauty has already conquered the hearts of 250,000 subscribers.

There is nothing that separates Munchkins from regular cats except for their unique appearance. They’re just as curious...

They’re joyful and playful, and their short paws don’t prevent them from being flexible or from jumping.

“Take a picture of me as if I’m sitting very, very high.”

Munchkins can be both short-haired and long-haired, but they are always inimitable.

We’re sure that you’ve already made the decision to get yourself a Munchkin cat...

...or maybe even a couple of them!

Do you already own a Munchkin cat? We would be happy to see their photos in the comments!


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Oh my! If they really stay this way I want like 5! Does anyone have one?


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