“INAPROPRIATE”, Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Slip Dress Causes a Stir Online

month ago

Victoria and David Beckham's daughter caused a stir by wearing a slip dress to her mom's 50th birthday party. Social media went wild, slamming the choice as inappropriate for her age.

Victoria Beckham recently celebrated her 50th birthday with a big feast. Her husband, David Beckham, and their kids - Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper - joined in for the celebration, making it a memorable affair.

Harper's outfit at Victoria's birthday party stole the show and got everyone talking about fashion and dressing your age. Some thought she looked cute, while others thought she looked too grown-up. But hey, the mixed opinions added some extra buzz to the party.

One user expressed concern, saying, "It's a shame Harper wasn't wearing something more age-appropriate, including shoes. She's growing fast and will soon be taller than her mother."

Another wrote: "She is 12 years old... maybe something more suitable for her age to wear!" Yet another participant in the debate criticized the dress choices, particularly Harper's, remarking, "Seriously bad dress choices. Harper's outfit is odd for a 12-year-old; she's having to bunch it up to avoid it being too revealing in the pictures..."

Despite the criticism, some came to Harper's defense, offering words of support and admiration. "She is dressed appropriately. It's a formal occasion, and even her shoes are age-appropriate," countered one fan. Others rallied behind Harper, stating, "Does it really matter what she's wearing? She's with her mum and dad. These comments are very petty."

Harper's been criticized for her outfit choice before; this isn't the first time.

Preview photo credit victoriabeckham / Instagram


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