Internet Users Made a List of 100 of the World’s Most Beautiful Women, and Here Are the Top 20

4 years ago

The TC Candler entertainment website has been rating 100 of the world's most beautiful women based on the opinions of independent experts since 1990. Neither age nor talent is taken into consideration - only looks.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at the girls who made the list of the previous year's top 20 of the most beautiful women in the world.

20. Taylor Hill, supermodel, USA

Taylor Hill, an American model, is one of Victoria's Secret Angels. She is 21 years old and has been taking part in fashion shows of famous fashion designers since 2015.

19. Lupita Nyongo, actress, Kenya/Mexico

Lupita Nyongo was born in Mexico but grew up in Kenya and is considered to be one of the most beautiful modern actresses. Her acting talent was also noticed and praised when she received an Oscar in 2013 for her role in the movie 12 Years a Slave.

18. Jenny Kim, singer, South Korea

Jenny Kim is one of the brightest representatives of K-pop or popular music from South Korea. Apart from singing, the girl also models for some popular Korean and European brands.

17. Yael Shelbia, model, Israel

The Israeli model, Yael Shelbia, grew up in a very religious family. However, this didn't stop her from building a career in the modeling business.

16. Oktyabrina Maximova, model, Russia

22-year-old Oktyabrina is from Saint Petersburg. In this rating, she surpassed many famous beauties in cinematography. Apart from being a model, the girl is studying to become a lawyer.

15. Lalisa Manoban, singer, South Korea

Jenny Kim's colleague in the band BlackPink was born in Thailand. As well as the other band members, Lalisa (or as she's called in the band, Lisa) takes part in model photo shoots.

14. Emma Watson, actress, Great Britain

There's no need to explain who Emma Watson is. There's hardly anyone who hasn't seen at least one Harry Potter movie where she played Hermione Granger. The girl's looks are also accompanied by her remarkable acting talent, which is why directors from all over the world want to work with her.

13. Audreyana Michelle, model, USA

Audreyana Michelle is one of the youngest women of this rating, as she's only 18 years old. Her modeling career started recently, in 2016. The girl says that she inherited her beauty from her European, Afro-American, and Native American ancestors.

12. Bella Heathcote, actress, Australia

Despite the short list of Bella's famous roles, online users could not help but notice her beauty. Her internet fame is what brought her close to the top 10 of the world's beauties.

11. Antonia Iacobescu, singer, Romania

Antonia Iacobescu was born in Romania, grew up in the United States, and later returned to her home country. Coming back home helped her become successful. In 2010, her hit single "Morena" immediately hit the top charts of Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, and many other countries.

10. Camilla Belle, singer/actress, Brazil

Perhaps it was her name that predestined Camilla's success since she was named after one of the characters of a popular Brazilian soap opera. Nowadays, Camilla doesn't only act in movies but does a lot of charity work, as well.

9. Golshifteh Farahani, actress, Iran/France

Golshifteh Farahani, an Iranian actress, was born in Tehran. She currently lives in France and travels the world as she is often invited to appear in movies of Iranian, Indian, European, and American directors.

8. Ju Jingyi, singer, China

Ju Jingyi became famous singing in a Chinese pop band. However, in the last year, she left the band to start her own singing career.

7. Adelaide Kane, actress, Australia

Adelaide Kane was born in Australia, where her acting career began. Today she lives in the United States, where she stars in movies and appears on TV. She is famous for her role in the popular TV show Once Upon a Time.

6. Jourdan Dunn, supermodel, Great Britain

One of Victoria's Secret Angels, Jourdan Dunn became a model thanks to good fortune - one of the agency scouts noticed her in a supermarket. In Britain, her home country, the girl won Model of the Year multiple times. The most famous brands all over the world want to work with her.

5. Nana, singer, South Korea

There's one more K-pop representative on the list. Nana is not only a singer and a member of the 2 most popular bands in Korea, but she is also a model, an actress, and a professional makeup artist.

4. Sarah Gadon, actress, Canada

This Canadian star of Alias Grace also happens to be the favorite actress of director David Cronenberg, who worked with her in 3 of his movies.

3. Chou Tzu-Yu, singer, Taiwan

Chou Tzu-Yu became famous not in Taiwan but in South Korea, where she became a member of a popular music band.

2. Thylane Blondeau, model, France

Several years ago, Thylane Blondeau was considered the most beautiful girl in the world. Nowadays, the 16-year-old French girl is 3rd on the list of the most beautiful women in the world. She is also very talented: she writes poetry and has already published 2 books.

1. Liza Soberano, actress/model, Philippines/USA

20-year-old actress/model, Liza Soberano, tops the list of the most beautiful women in the world. She's still adding to her list of achievements, but with such beauty and grace, she's bound to be a huge success!

Whom would you call the most beautiful woman in the world? Share your opinion with us in the comments.


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