Japanese Artist Creates Insanely Detailed Sculptures Using Nothing but Balloons

3 years ago

Masayoshi Matsumoto is a self-taught artist from Japan who twists ordinary balloons and creates mind-blowing realistic sculptures that could turn any party into a real wonderland. He doesn’t use any glue or adhesives, which makes his technique even more remarkable. A pink octopus, a scary cobra, a majestic flamingo — these are only a few examples of his creations, which were inspired by his love of nature.

Bright Side couldn’t help but feel these sculptures would come alive while looking at them. We’d love to share some breathtaking pictures with you.

1. A bathroom installation

2. A cobra

3. A caterpillar

4. A flamingo

5. A deer

6. An iguana

7. An octopus and a colossal squid

8. An African buffalo

9. A snow monkey

10. A snail

11. A fly

12. A beaver

13. An ostrich

14. A sloth

15. A pond snail

16. A phoenix

17. A bike made in collaboration with Honda

18. A scorpionfish

19. The Tasmanian Devil cartoon

20. A horned puffin

21. A koala

Masayoshi doesn’t sell his sculptures and doesn’t offer his services at parties.

He pops his sculptures after showing them to people on his Instagram page. He also makes tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to make these sculptures on their own.

Why, in your opinion, does Masayoshi not sell his sculptures, but destroys them instead? Would you do the same with your works of art, if you made any?

Preview photo credit Masayoshi Matsumoto / Instagram


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This is so cool! The snail came complete with a parasitic infection in its eyes....i think!!


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