Justin Bieber Stands Up for His Wife Against Internet Trolls and Shows the World How Supportive He Is

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Facing Internet trolls is a very common issue in today’s world, with more and more people harassing others on social media, causing strong emotional issues. Celebrities are the biggest victims of this act, as they are extensively exposed to all kinds of comments from fans, like model Hailey Baldwin who has had more than her fair share of Internet trolls since she became Mrs. Bieber.

We at Bright Side saw that, as a husband, Justin Bieber has been very supportive of his wife, Hailey, during her fight with Internet trolls. We’d love to tell you more about it, so keep scrolling.

Justin and Hailey tied the knot in 2018.

Justin and Hailey first met when they were teenagers, but they dated for a short period when Hailey was 19 years old. They remained friends after their breakup, but Justin knew somehow that they’d never just be “friends.” The stars aligned once again and the couple confirmed their engagement in 2018.

2 months after their engagement, the love birds made things official and promised to be with each other forever. The wedding happened in a stunning service in 2019, in which Hailey and Justin shared intimate moments in front of their friends and loved ones.

Getting married opened Hailey to a new level of attention.

Hailey shared that getting married opened her up to a new level of attention. It’s true that she was well-known before in the industry as a beautiful model, but her relationship with her husband is what really put her under the spotlight.

After becoming Mrs. Bieber, Hailey admitted in an interview that she struggled with Internet trolls. She didn’t go into detail about it, but we know that she must’ve been through some difficult times.

How she dealt with Internet trolls

One of the things that helped Hailey deal with Internet trolls was deleting her Twitter account and only going on Instagram during certain days of the week. She also mentioned that she turned off the comments on her page except for the people that she follows. This way, she knows that the comments will be encouraging and supportive instead of negative and hurtful.

Therapy has also been helpful for her because getting a point of view from a total stranger, who is also a professional, can help you see things more objectively. She’s doing great now and gives credit to both herself and her husband for overcoming that difficult period.

But she couldn’t do it alone — Justin incited people to stop going after Hailey.

When he had just started his career as a singer, Justin also faced Internet trolls. He opened up about his mental health struggles when he said, “I was just suffering, right? So, I’m just like, man, I would rather not feel this than feel this.”

Having dealt with similar issues for a long time, Justin was the man Hailey needed for help. Plus, with all the emotional support and advice he was constantly giving her, as she declared, we saw how Justin stood up against every negative comment about her. He made it loud and clear to everyone that the trolling had to stop and what his wife was facing was wrong on so many levels.

He even released a statement on Instagram as a response to a fan who encouraged others to go after Hailey.

A woman recently posted a video where she encouraged people to go after Hailey. The woman said, “Hailey Baldwin is going to do a Live, right? Where she’s talking about herself, 20 questions with Justin Bieber. This is the time when they will not be turning off comments. Go, please, let’s all go after her.”

After a while, Justin released a story where he defended his wife and claimed that people with such a willingness to harm people can never find joy in life. He shared that it’s extremely hard to see people trying to go after the person he loves the most in this world.

She’s raising awareness about the matter.

Hailey started a channel on YouTube where she shares her life and other things that people might enjoy watching like skincare routines, lifestyle tips, game nights... With this, she’s turning the most negative thing in her life, which is social media, in her favor, because she’s showing the world her beautiful personality.

But her videos deliver so much more than entertainment. She had a psychiatrist as a guest host to talk about mental health and her personal issues, while at the same time helping other people to cope with similar matters. She’s truly an inspiration because she was able to move past this with the help of her husband, and she tries her best to help people deal with it as they should.

Have you ever faced Internet trolling? What did you do to overcome it? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


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