Kate Hudson Reveals How Her Inevitable Chemistry on Screen With Matthew McConaughey Affects Their Personal Life

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Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have been paired up in several movies already. And they truly love working with each other.

Recently, the duo reunited via Instagram for the 20th anniversary of one of their famous rom-coms. There, they shared what impact their experience had on the filming process. Not to mention how they brought their onscreen sweet kisses to life.

McConaughey helped Kate Hudson to deal with her divorce

The second time they worked together, McConaughey helped his beautiful partner get through hearing the news that her divorce had been finalized from her then-husband Chris Robinson. This was a hard time for her but with all the support from McConaughey it was much easier for her to cope with all the troubles she had to face at the moment.

Fool’s Gold was their second time working together, after 2003’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And the actress recalls that, at that time, to be on that set with Matthew was just the best.

They were on a boat that was going out to the outer reef. McConaughey knew the situation, so he tried to be near and cheer Hudson up. She admits that he truly helped her to get through that difficult transition.

Being on set together was the best remedy for her — and their bond helped the on-screen chemistry


McConaughey and his shooting process were the best distraction for her. Hudson knew his process, how he dove into the stuff, and how crazy and wild it could get. But she loved that magic, so she let self just go with the flow.

The Interstellar actor himself has a happy life with his wife Camila Alves and their 3 kids. Yet, on set, he has quite a different approach to filming, especially all the “steamy moments.” McConaughey says, “Everything else was like, ‘Swim up to the top, the sharks almost ate you, you just fell from a plane from 300 feet, tread water and before you catch your breath, kiss.’”

But they respect their partners, nevertheless

Hudson, on the other hand, says that their kisses on the big screen are not as intimate as they might be in real life. She keeps it professional though and admits that they actually try “to create something that evokes something in a certain way.”

That might not be exactly the way they would necessarily do it in real life but still, the actors respect their partners. So when they have to, they kiss nicely and spread that chemistry through the screen to touch the audience’s hearts.

They deny any off-screen romance

Their chemistry looked so authentic that many fans even started questioning whether the duo had a relationship in real life. And the Interstellar actor confessed he’s had certain crushes, despite taking it as just a part of acting.

“Maybe we had certain crushes on each other at certain times,” he said, “but we always just kind of kept it professional. Or maybe we were dating somebody seriously outside of ourselves at the time and we both respected that for the other.”

Still, that’s not the only thing that resonates with the viewers and the actors themselves. They admit that they are sensitive people but that they also leave room for a drop of spontaneity and try to be natural on set. And what’s great is that they both truly share this phenomenal work ethic.

They both feel free and do not constrict themselves to an idea of what they’re supposed to do. When they work together, it sometimes looks like a real-life relationship. They may be going in one direction, but then Hudson may think, “I’m going to throw him off a little bit. Let’s see what happens if I do a sharp right.” And she does!

Best friends, but with different approaches to married life

What’s more interesting is how different both actors are in their personal lives. McConaughey is a family guy while Hudson managed to create a seriously strong unit with her 3 children who have 3 different fathers.

She knows it might not look traditional from the outside, but on the inside, it’s all theirs. “I’m not interested in forcing some conventional idea of love or marriage,” says the actress who seems to share this freedom through the big screen with all of us.


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I adore both of the movies mentioned in the post. They really do have a lot of charisma together and it shows throughout their work. I really enjoy both of them as individuals as well. They both seem like they'd be pretty easy going to work with and their rom-coms with others are just as entertaining. I always loved Goldie's movies too I think Kate inherited some of her mom's comedic timing and skills along with her natural ability and talent. I would hope to enjoy many more movies from Kate and Matthew.


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