Katy Perry Introduces Her Daughter With Orlando Bloom to the World For the First Time

7 months ago

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s 3-year-old daughter made her official public debut at one of Perry’s shows. During a performance, the singer briefly paused to chat to her daughter, and the heartwarming moment was captured on camera.

The toddler smiled for the camera at the arena.

Katy Perry’s daughter, Daisy Dove, had her first public appearance during Perry’s Las Vegas concert on November 5, 2023. Daisy, dressed as Minnie Mouse, was joined by her father, Orlando Bloom. The two were seen dancing together to Chained to the Rhythm. But, the real highlight of the night was when the toddler received a shoutout from her mom on stage, who was getting ready to perform her 2008 hit single Hot N Cold, and appeared on the venue’s screens.

“Daisy! I love you so much,” Perry gushed to her daughter in a tender moment captured by a fan and shared on X, formerly known as Twitter. “You’re my best friend. I’m so glad you’re here. I love you, my girl.”

At another point of the show, when the 39-year-old was about to perform for the last time on her Las Vegas residency, she also took time to recognize the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s positive impact on her life. “To my partner, Orlando, for being an incredible support system and an amazing father. I love you,” she said.

Then, she focused on Daisy again, closing out her speech with a touching tribute to her young daughter. “I created this show after the birth of my daughter, Daisy Dove. When I met her, it was like all the love I was ever searching for finally showed up,” she revealed. “She made me whole, healed me, and showed me how to play again. So this show is for everyone’s inner child and for the hope that maybe if we could all see life through the eyes of a child, we would be free.”

Fans once confused one of Perry’s baby photos for her daughter’s.

The singer shared a heartwarming throwback photo on Instagram in November 2020, featuring herself as a baby alongside her father, Keith Hudson. Despite the caption, “tonight’s @amas performance is for my father,” some fans initially mistook the image as one of her then 3-month-old daughter.

In the comment section, people quickly pointed out it could very well be Daisy. “I just KNOW Daisy Dove looks like this, and that thought makes me 😭,” one user wrote, while someone else said, “Lol, I thought it was Daisy I had a heart attack. Don’t do that again.”

Then, people suggested that Daisey herself and Dad Bloom should recreate the sweet moment. “Can you re-create this picture with Daisy and Orlando!!” one user asked, and another added, “@orlandobloom recreate this with Daisy Dove challenge.”

Perry and Bloom’s love story is just getting started.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom met in 2016 and started dating shortly after. However, things didn’t get off to a great start, and the couple briefly broke up in 2017. Fortunately, the lovebirds rekindled their relationship, and on Valentine’s Day in 2019, the actor got down on one knee and proposed to Perry. Eventually, they moved in together and welcomed their first child, Daisy Dove Bloom, in August 2020.

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