Khloé Kardashian Has a Tumor Removed From Her Face 19 Years After Another Skin Cancer Scare

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Khloé Kardashian, 38, recently had a serious cancer scare. And even though things ended well for the social media personality, fans couldn’t help but notice one small detail on her face that sparked many discussions.

She had a surgery on her face.

At first, the reality star didn’t pay much attention to the ‘’small bump’’ on her skin, thinking that it was ‘’something as minor as a zit.’’

However, after 7 months, she started to worry, given that “it was not budging,” and she decided to get it checked.

After consulting with 2 dermatologists and getting 2 biopsies, Kardashian noted, ’’I was told I need to have an immediate operation to remove a tumor from my face."

She also mentioned that the doctors thought the bump was “incredibly rare” for someone her age.

She gave good updates.

After her surgery, Khloé took it to social media to reassure her worried fans and noted that she was in “a healing process” now. She gave them a heads-up by sharing, "You’ll continue to see my bandages, and when I’m allowed, you’ll probably see a scar (and an indentation in my cheek from the tumor being removed).

Adding a bit of humor, Kardashian wrote, “I hope you enjoy how fabulous I’m making these face bandages look.”

She’s still covering the scar for prevention.

After posting a selfie at her home gym, the mother of 2 had to open up again about her recent health troubles after some fans asked her about the skin-colored band-aid on her jawline.

She reminded them she had a tumor removed from her face, explaining, ’’I wear this for healing and the prevention of my scar getting worse.’’ She then added, ’’All is great and healing wonderfully.’’

This is not her first skin scare.

At 19, Khloé had a melanoma removed from her back, and she noted how ’’grateful’’ she felt that it was “caught early.” The star shared, “I was lucky, and all I have is a scar to tell a story with. Most people aren’t as lucky as me, and I am forever thankful and grateful.”

And we admired her for using her platform to inform millions of her fans about the necessity of prevention and getting health check-ups as often as possible.


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