Man Was Tensely Interrogated at The Airport Due to His Different Looks on Passport Photo

11 months ago

Most of us can agree that passport photos aren’t usually flattering. But for one passenger, this notion took an unexpected turn when their old photo looked nothing like their current self, almost causing them to miss their flight.

Electronic system couldn’t identify them.

Meet Tomi Grainger, a 29-year-old from Australia, who was all set to fly from Sydney to Tokyo. However, the electronic system at the airport failed to recognize Tomi’s face from their passport photo, leading to a sudden interrogation by airport security.

The reason behind the confusion was quite apparent — Tomi openly acknowledges having undergone plastic surgery, resulting in a significant change in appearance compared to their 22-year-old passport photo. Understandably, this raised concerns among the airport officials.

The incident took a surprising turn when Tomi decided to share a video describing the harrowing experience. The video quickly went viral, gaining over 100,000 views and sparking lively discussions online.

In the video, Tomi said, ’’You would not believe what just happened to me at Sydney Airport, and I’m low-key freaking out. My heart is still pounding.’’

Tomi took the initiative to address the situation with the officials and explained that they had undergone plastic surgery, including a facelift. Thankfully, this resolved the issue, and Tomi could proceed with their flight.

“I realize, ’oh, I don’t look like the person in my passport photo anymore because I’ve had so much plastic surgery’,” Tomi said after figuring out what just happened to them.

Their video sparked an online debate.

The incident triggered a lengthy debate on social media, with commentators expressing varying opinions. Some suggested that Tomi should update their passport photo and understood the airport staff’s reaction.

One person exclaimed, ’’That’s a totally different person!’’ while another commented, ’’That’s what happens when you make a change to how you look, and they can’t recognize you. They were doing their job.’’

However, there were others who empathized with Tomi and supported their side of the story.

One person said, ’’It still looks like you if you look at your features properly. You just look younger in the photo,’’ while another shared their own experience, ’’I have the same problem. I love saying yeah, I’ve had a lot of work done, At the top of my voice, and that soon gets them to move on!’’

Not just once, the same situation happened again.

After Tomi’s first video went viral, they decided to share another airport story. In this new video, they recounted an unfortunate incident where they ended up stranded at the airport for two whole days.

Eventually, when they got the opportunity to head back home, the airport security once again stopped them, raising questions about their current appearance compared to their passport photo. However, this time, Tomi cleverly showed the airport staff all the news articles that had covered their previous story. It served as a perfect explanation for the situation they had faced earlier.

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular these days, from minor to major changes. Beside Tomi’s interesting story, Jessica Alves also shared her plastic surgery journey to look like a barbie doll.


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