Mark Wahlberg Reveals He Listens to Voicemails of His Late Mom: “It’s All I Have Now”

Mothers are real warriors, as they can endure whatever challenges come their way and will conquer them for the sake of their families, just like Alma, a mother of 9, who raised her kids all alone and taught them values that would help them be better people. And Mark Wahlberg was a great son that valued his mom until her last moment by embracing the values she instilled in him.

Wonder Woman in the form of a mother

Mark Wahlberg is an actor and a fitness enthusiast, which is no surprise since every great man has a loving mother who supports him back. Alma, who was a mother of 9 kids, raised and fed them as a single parent. She shared that raising her kids alone was not easy and she was on the verge of giving up at times. But despite the hardships she faced, she came through and beat the odds.

She encouraged her children to pursue whatever they wanted, and later on, her children thanked her for pushing them to be greater versions of themselves. She was always there for her family, and she told everyone proudly that her kids were good people that were doing good for others.

A true matriarch that kept everything bonded

Alma also shared that Mark Wahlberg would call her from the other side of the world and never missed a day. Alma didn’t mind if he was calling at 3 in the morning, which is why she served as the matriarch that kept the family’s bond strong. Unfortunately, on April 2021, Alma passed away. It was a hard time for the whole family to accept the fact that she was gone.

Mark shared that it was tough for him, and the whole family kept calling her and asking for updates, as they were all trying to stay positive. But in the end, while it was hard and painful, they gradually accepted it and knew it was inevitable. He also shared that his mother was an amazing person and she was so proud of them despite the difficulties they had faced, yet they were able to turn their lives around.

The love and sacrifice of a mother could never go wrong.

Alma became a mom at the age of 18 and raised 9 children alone, saying, “I wanted to give them the love that I always thought I wanted and never got. I wanted them to know I’m always there, always, always. I may not like what you’re telling me, but I’m there for you and that’s it. That’s how they all are now. They’re there for me.”

She tried her hardest to be the best that she could and she even created new dishes for her children when they were young, such as English muffin pizzas. She did everything that she could to raise all of her children the right way. She admitted that it was hard parenting alone, especially since all 9 children had their own personalities and interests, but she was there despite those things. And eventually, it all paid off.

A mother’s voice and face will always be missed.

Mark shared that his mother had the ability to touch everybody’s heart and was a real inspiration. He also said that he was going to watch the interview his mother gave so he could see her face again.

All he has now are the recordings and voicemails that Alma left him, and he listens to them often. He continued to say proudly that his mother was the true definition of hard work. He mentioned all the things that his mother did just to provide for the whole family on her own.

The genuine love will be remembered.

After her passing, the grief and sadness of the family could be felt around the world. Mark and Donnie Wahlberg expressed their appreciation and love for Alma through their posts, in which they reminisced about every moment with her when she was still there with them. It’s like she never left their side.

Alma may be gone but her legacy continues, as her values and beliefs are instilled in her children. Mark left California to provide a proper life for his family. Since he was loved and cherished in his childhood, he wants to do the same for his family, just like his mother did.

The values and love will be passed down through generations.

He said, “To be able to give my kids a better life and follow and pursue their dreams whether it be my daughter as an equestrian, my son as a basketball player, my younger son as a golfer, this made a lot more sense for us.” His family moved so that they could have a fresh start. Mark says he prioritizes his children above everything else and he thanks his wife for making him a better man.

Alma’s sacrifices and work were all worth it for her family — she was like a true Wonder Woman. Mark will continue her legacy by taking care of his family and making memorable bonds with them together.

Do you believe that a mom’s love is enough to take on challenges and hardships? Share your favorite moment with your mom down below.


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