Martha Stewart’s Friendship With Snoop Dog Is What Keeps Her Youthful Spirit Intact

3 months ago

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s friendship is a remarkable and unexpected bond that has captured the hearts of many. Despite coming from vastly different backgrounds, the 2 have formed a deep and lasting connection that has transcended their differences. Martha, the renowned lifestyle guru, and Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper, have shown that true friendship knows no bounds. Their unique bond has become an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of diversity and the magic that can happen when 2 seemingly different people come together in friendship.

Martha and Snoop initially met in 2008 when Snoop was invited as a guest on Martha’s cooking show. However, at that time, they didn’t develop a close bond, and Martha even tweeted that she wished her and Snoop’s friendship was “better.” It wasn’t until 2015, when they were both asked to co-host the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, that their friendship truly blossomed.

They quickly formed a deep and genuine connection, and discovered that they both had a shared passion for cooking and entertaining. The 2 soon began working on a TV show together, which debuted in 2016. It features these 2 friends cooking together with celebrity guests and sharing stories and laughs along the way.

Their friendship is so valued, that “he comes to every party.” Even though Martha and Snoop grew to be close allies and business partners later on in her profession, Martha believes that continuously embracing new individuals in life is the recipe for ongoing progress and the secret to successful aging.

She says that “change is good. And also learning from people — I’ve learned so much from Snoop Dogg.” According to Martha, the well-known rapper taught her a lot about music and a different approach to doing business. “We have really, I think, helped each other. And that’s another thing: You learn from old friends, and you learn from new friends, and I’ve learned a lot from Snoop.”

Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS

Their friendship is a breath of fresh air for Martha. She has built her brand around her impeccable taste and strict adherence to tradition. But her friendship with Snoop allows her to let loose and have some fun.

Snoop’s laid-back personality and love of all things have rubbed off on her, and this newfound sense of freedom has undoubtedly contributed to Martha’s youthful spirit. “I like his laid-back energy — I like his outspokenness, I like his sense of timing, and I really enjoy to watch him cook. He’s so particular, his little tiny bits of this and that, and it all finally comes together.”

Snoop also feels the same way about her, and says, “I love Martha — like, I love her for real. She’s the big sister I never had. Being able to correct me, to teach me, to show me how to be better, to give me something to aspire to be. I get jealous when I see other people with her.”

Snoop Dogg’s friendship has been a crucial element in keeping Martha Stewart young. Their closeness is a testament to the fact that age is just a number, and the right kind of friendship can keep you feeling young at heart. He describes their relationship as “a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony.”

As we age, it’s easy to get stuck in our ways and become resistant to change. But their bond has kept her open-minded and willing to take risks.

Martha isn’t the only individual with the key to aging gracefully — Gwen Stefani and Alyssa Milano also have their own methods of staying youthful and maintaining a similar outlook.

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