Matt Damon’s Daughters Are Carbon Copies of His Gorgeous Wife at a Rare Red Carpet Outing

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It’s an exceptional treat to see Matt Damon surrounded by his picture-perfect family, and we just got very lucky. The famous actor was seen beaming with pride as his beautiful wife and their 3 daughters joined him for a recent movie premiere. We also couldn’t help but notice that Matt’s lovely girls bear a striking resemblance to their mom, so let’s take a closer look at the happy family.

The Damon clan stepped out on March 27th to support their famous dad during the premiere for his new movie Air. The event was especially significant for Damon as he not only starred alongside his best friend Ben Affleck in this film, but it was also directed by him. So it’s only natural that Matt wanted to have his best girls with him for the occasion.

Damon’s wife Luciana Barroso looked as stunning as always as she kept it simple with a little black dress that perfectly hugged her curves. Luciana’s outfit was so perfect that her husband decided to match her and also showed up in an all-black ensemble.

Ashley Landis/Associated Press/East News

The couple also paid special attention to their daughters’ outfits, so that each of them looked lovelier than the next. Damon’s daughters included Isabella, 16, Gia, 14, and Stella, 12. The only one missing, unfortunately, was 24-year-old Alexia, who’s technically Matt’s stepdaughter from Luciana’s previous marriage, but who he considers his own regardless.

We also noted that Isabella, Gia, and Stella all look almost exactly like their mom, with their long brown hair and deep brown eyes. The girls definitely hit the genetic goldmine with Luciana, and we’re sure Matt wholeheartedly agrees.

Damon absolutely struck gold with his sweet family. He and Luciana have been married since 2005, and the 2 are going as strong as ever. The famous actor is so dedicated to all of his girls that he even tattooed their names on his arm.

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