Meet David Holmes: Daniel Radcliffe’s Stunt Double Left in Wheelchair During Harry Potter Filming

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David Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe’s double for over 9 years, had his life dramatically altered by a life-changing accident. But he didn’t let the injury affect his life.

Stunt doubles, essential in nearly every movie, courageously tackle the most daring and meticulously prepared scenes. Unfortunately, the nature of their work sometimes leads to grave consequences, exemplified by David Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double in the Harry Potter saga.

Holmes never anticipated that a technical mishap would irrevocably confine him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Despite his extensive tenure as a stuntman, this unforeseen turn of events came as a devastating shock.

At 17, David Holmes embarked on his journey with Harry Potter as a stunt double and portrayed the supporting character Adrian Pucey. His remarkable resemblance to the protagonist, Daniel Radcliffe, in terms of height and facial features, made him a perfect fit despite their six-year age difference.

In 2009, during the production of the final film in the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, David Holmes sustained a severe injury that forever changed his life. While rehearsing a flight scene, he tragically broke his neck while performing a stunt, resulting in paralysis from the chest down.

“My first thoughts were not about not being able to walk again. It was all the other things, like not being able to dance again or be intimate,” said Holmes on his podcast.

Upon his admission to the hospital, David Holmes received a heartfelt visit from Daniel Radcliffe, not only the lead actor of the saga but also a dear friend to him. Together with Tom Felton, their bond extended beyond their roles, demonstrating their genuine care and support for Holmes.

Today, David Holmes shares his experiences as a stunt performer on the podcast Cunning Stunts, where he not only sheds light on his own journey but also extends a helping hand to fellow professionals who have faced similar injuries. Joining him on the podcast, Daniel Radcliffe has not only discussed their shared experiences from the Harry Potter saga but also raised awareness about the inadequate recognition these skilled individuals receive within the industry.


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