Meet the Man Who Looks Exactly Like The Rock and Even Got the Same 50 Tattoos

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This Italian personal trainer is the spitting image of The Rock. 54-year-old Antonio Muratore admits that he often gets stopped on the street due to his uncanny resemblance to the star. He even took extra steps to increase this similarity, and anyone who sees him is left speechless.

People think he’s The Rock himself.

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Muratore, who is 4 years older than Dwayne Johnson, feels honored to be the movie star’s look-alike.
He said, ’’I feel very lucky to look like him because he is a great person, a champion in sport and in life.’’

And their resemblance is so astonishing, that the trainer revealed he is frequently approached by strangers who want a photo with him. And given that he enjoys these situations, he admitted that he would often play along, and only sometimes would he confess his true identity.

He loves making others smile.

Muratore revealed that he wasn’t aware of his resemblance to Johnson until a friend pointed it out to him, and this discovery was life-changing for him. He noted, ’’It’s an incredible situation to look like him.’’

The gym trainer explained that he is ’’quite a private person’’ and that he doesn’t like a lot of attention. Nevertheless, catching people’s attention regularly doesn’t seem to bother him, as he revealed, ’’I never tire of this because it makes people happy.’’

Having said that, some encounters might get a bit unpleasant. The 54-year-old shared, ’’Once, someone followed me down the road for 15 minutes. That was a bit stressful.’’

He almost worked with the star.

Muratore, who is a part-time actor, hopes to secure a role as Johnson’s body double. And in order to make their resemblance even more noticeable, he got 50 tattoos that match the actor’s ink.

And it seems that his efforts almost paid off because, according to Muratore, he was cast in a movie to play Johnson’s body double. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t made, and he didn’t get the chance to meet with the star.

This resemblance transformed his life.

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Now, even more people mistake him for The Rock, especially when he is on the beach, flaunting these tattoos. He confessed, ’’I get treated like a celebrity all the way through summer.’’

Muratore went on to explain that getting reminded by strangers about this resemblance is enough to cheer him up whenever he is having a rough time. He dished, ’’When I’m feeling bad, just when someone says, ’Hey look, it’s The Rock,’ and I am happy again.’’

Furthermore, Muratore, who practices Thai boxing, expressed his desire to compete against the former wrestler and believes that he has a chance of winning.

He shared, ’’I do Thai boxing and if I can fight him in that, I think I might have a chance. My mother thinks I would win!’’

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Sorry just not seeing it. Its like saying that any bloke who's bald and has tattoos looks like the rock.


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