’’Miserable’’ Ben Affleck Caught on Film as He Angrily Slams Car Door Behind Wife Jennifer

6 months ago

Ben and Jen had yet another candid moment that was caught on camera. And while this couple is certainly deeply in love, this honest situation proves that all lovebirds, even the famous ones, can go through a bit of a rough patch or stressful times, and that is totally normal.

A normal day in a couple’s life

Fans on social media were sent into a frenzy after witnessing an incident involving Ben Affleck and his wife, J. Lo.

In a video that quickly went viral, Ben was seen walking ahead of Jennifer toward their Mercedes while holding an iced coffee. As Jennifer approached the car and got in, Ben seemingly slammed the car door shut after she settled into the passenger seat.

The Air actor firmly shut the car door, even incorporating a hand gesture to accentuate the act of closing it. This action led fans to believe that his behavior was a result of being ’’stressed.’’

Observing the viral clip, viewers took to Twitter to express their opinions, specifically noting that Ben appeared ’’miserable’’ in the footage.

They are certainly one of the most enamored and honest couples in Hollywood.

That said, before the door-slamming incident, the couple was captured in a moment of happiness during their coffee outing.

Both were seen smiling and holding hands, enjoying each other’s company. Affleck had a wide grin on his face as he carried a large, iced coffee while Lopez smiled and engaged in conversation with him, holding a smaller hot beverage.

Recently, this beloved couple was also seen having a tense conversation on the red carpet, however, shortly afterward, they were back to kissing. And this proves that true love can win over anything.

Preview photo credit ET Canada / YouTube


Look they may be "Famous" But they are still human.....Couples argue with each other...IT'S LIFE GET OVER IT.....JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE PROFORMERS....THEY ARE STILL HUMAN 🤔☺️🙂THEY PUT THEIR PANTS ON ONE LEG AT A TIME JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE 😉 🤔
The very last sentence of this post seems to be a leading reason toxic relationships are idolized, perpetuated, and encouraged, in the US culture, when stating, "And this proves that true love can win over anything." according to the author of this post. Also, the headline, " ’’Miserable’’ Ben Affleck Caught on Film as He Angrily Slams Car Door Behind Wife Jennifer" is very confusing when you go on to talk about how their true love wins out over everything in the rest of the post. Ben's aggressive behavior towards Jennifer should not be made light of, like it has been being. These are very toxic behaviors that he's having in public, and who knows what goes on in private, but it's concerning with the amount of frequency that they're occurring. I feel really bad in one part because they live under a microscope but on the other hand, if he can't manage his emotions long enough to get into his car and drive away, it seems to me that it's out of control. I hope he and Jennifer get the help they need before it's too late and irreparable damage is done to them both.

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