Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico Get Married After Keeping Their Relationship a Secret

Love can hit us when we least expect it. 2 women who were sent to represent their countries in a beauty pageant were supposed to be rivals, but they ended up becoming friends and then falling in love. Their love story came as a surprise, even to their fans, so we want to share it with you.

They represented their respective countries in a beauty pageant.

Mariana Varela was 24 years old when she got elected as Miss Argentina in 2020. By that time, she had completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism and was a professional model. She is also a big advocate for equality worldwide.

When Internet critics tried to bring her down and say she was undeserving of the title, she said, “Regardless of all criticism, it is necessary to not lose focus on how much we are worth,” which is her motto for not giving up.

Fabiola Valentín was a journalism student and a model when she got appointed as Miss Puerto Rico 2020 at 21 years old. She also participated in the Miss Universe contest on behalf of Puerto Rico a year prior to that. After being appointed, she said that she was “happy to know how far this journey has taken her,” and she was determined to do well.

They first met at Miss Grand International 2020.

The contest was held in March 2021, and both women were there, determined to take a high place, as in any competition. They both did fairly well in the contest and got to the top 10, but sadly, neither of them made it to the top 5, so both their Miss Grand International journeys ended here.

The competition was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and the future couple seemed to have gotten close during this time: a month after MGI, Miss Argentina posted joint pictures of her and Miss Puerto Rico, captioning them with “I miss u.”

They kept posting pictures with each other while secretly dating.

They decided to keep their relationship private until the end but kept posting pictures from joint vacations. In a caption to one of them, Miss Puerto Rico wrote in 2021, “One of the greatest gifts in this experience [MGI] was your friendship.” They let their followers know that they reunited in December 2021 when Fabiola posted a video of them meeting again with happy tears in their eyes, also showing screenshots of them video-calling each other during the months they spent apart.

They revealed to have gotten married in late October.

To announce the marriage, they posted a supercut of the videos they took during their months of dating each other. The newlyweds shared videos from their vacations in various countries, including Puerto Rico and Mexico, a clip from their engagement, a photo of their engagement rings, and a photo from the wedding.

The caption reads, “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we open our doors to you on a special day.”

The couple’s reveal was met with a lot of positive reactions. In the comments, people wrote, “MGI brought together a beautiful union,” in addition to many congratulations. Let’s all wish the couple lots of happiness together.

Have you ever found love in an unexpected place?


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