A Mom Is Slammed as “Cruel” for Piercing Her Baby’s Ears, but She Had the Best Reaction

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10 months ago

Piercing a baby’s ears is a topic that often ignites controversy and triggers strong opinions. People hold varying cultural, medical, and personal convictions regarding the appropriate age for this practice. In a recent incident, a young mother on TikTok received significant backlash for her decision to pierce her 4-month-old baby’s ears.

Sandy, the mother of 3 children, shared that her ears were pierced when she was a baby, and she expressed her appreciation for her parents’ choice. Her motivation for piercing her baby’s ears stemmed from her own experience, even though she doesn’t recall it. This inspired her to follow the same path with her own child.

When she brought her baby to a professional piercing studio in Canada, she anticipated receiving similar support, which she did from some. Still, she encountered disapproval from a few parents who considered the act as “cruel.”

However, Sandy defended her decision, elaborating, “It is recommended to do [the piercings] earlier so they are less likely to touch and pull on their ears!” Many others voiced their agreement with her perspective.

Medical professionals do not provide specific guidelines regarding the ideal age for ear piercing in babies, leaving the decision up to the parents. Their only suggestion is that the baby should be older than 3 months.

The TikTok video featured Sandy sitting with her baby on her lap, demonstrating the process. “I had to say a prayer,” the mom said. “I can’t see her cry.” She held her baby’s head steady with great care while 2 professionals approached each ear with a piercing gun.

Tears welled up in her eyes instantly, but her discomfort appeared to diminish as the baby’s brothers arrived to provide comfort. Sandy remarked in the brief clip, “Of course, my sons had to come to support their little sister.”

In a separate incident, another mom faced criticism for piercing her daughter’s ears within one day of her birth while she was in the hospital. This mother, who shares content under her daughter’s name, Lara, on TikTok, sparked a lively debate in the comment section.

Preview photo credit sandydhandamua / TikTok


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