Moms Are Turning Their Babies’ Umbilical Cords Into Jewelry, and We Don’t Know How to Feel

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A new unbelievable trend has recently appeared among young parents who want to keep a close bond with their babies forever and ever. These parents ask jewelry-makers to create necklaces, rings, and even cufflinks containing the umbilical cords of their offspring. Some find this idea interesting, others think it’s rather odd.

Bright Side got impressed with the trend and would like to get you more familiar with how these pieces of art look, as well as, the variations that they come in.

The umbilical cord provides a fetus with nutrient-rich blood while in the womb. It eventually gets dry and falls off after the baby is born. There are several ways parents use it — some keep it in jars with ethanol, others send it for research. Now there is a third group that has jewelry made out of the cord.

There are numerous designers ready to take this order and turn the umbilical cord of your baby into an unforgettable masterpiece, and Ruth Avra is one of them.

The necklaces might be made in different shapes — like a heart or a flower, for example.

If a young mom wishes to have a ring that contains the umbilical cord of her child, that can be done. Apart from umbilical cords, designers also offer to use babies’ hair or placenta as a material for making these very personal keepsake pieces of jewelry.

Some mothers ask for double and even triple necklaces made of the umbilical cords of all the kids they have. Very often, they start with one stump, adding the other ones later when their next babies are born, eventually sending their initial necklaces for rework.

Bracelets are also there on the list of umbilical cord jewelry.

Some parents prefer to separate one stump into 2 pieces, ordering 2 pieces of jewelry for both the mother and father.

And sometimes it’s the proud father who’s ordering either a ring or a couple of cute cufflinks, like in the picture below.

Bonus: Not only can you get a piece of jewelry with the umbilical cord, but with the first lost tooth of your child too.

And here is a ring made from a baby’s first curl!

Did you keep the umbilical cord of your child? Would you make a piece of jewelry out of it? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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It’s Chinese old tradition to keep the dried umbilical cord together with some baby hair into a small statue carved with a stamp bearing baby’s name on it as well as some phrases wishing the well being of the baby.
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Exactly, I don't know how to feel either:))) The most important thing though is that people who ordered this stuff, wanted and liked what they got.

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