Mosquitos Tend to Choose Certain Types of People, According to a Study

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Mosquitos can be truly annoying, and no one likes to hear all the buzzing around their ears and feelings of itchiness. Believe it or not, there may be several reasons if you aren’t a constant victim of mosquito bites. Research shows that 37.5% of people say they get bitten more often than others, and 27.5% say they get bitten less frequently. Our genetics and other factors influence whether we’ll get bitten more often than not and vice versa.

Mosquitos are drawn to breath and body odor.

The little receptors in mosquitos’ palps can perceive the air we breathe (carbon dioxide) and body odor from our sweat glands. Mosquitos are generally interested in stinky smells, such as smelly socks, worn clothes, and bedding, even when there is no carbon dioxide around. However, once you’ve caught their attention, they tend to fly toward more exposed body parts, such as your ankles and feet, drawn by skin odors.

Your genes play a major role for mosquitos.

Mosquitos are attracted to certain scents genetically. A study conducted with identical twins showed that mosquitos don’t have a preference between 2 siblings. However, mosquitos generally prefer to bite one sibling over the other when conducted with fraternal twins. They would rather bite people with specific characteristics in their immune system genes, and the reason behind this is still unknown.

Mosquitos are attracted to colors.

These little buzzers are most attracted to dark, bold colors like red, black, navy blue, and floral. If you want them to stay away from you, it’s advisable to wear light clothes, such as white or any other neutral color. Mosquitos also tend to bite you if you’re wearing tight clothes, so it’s recommended to wear something loose and comfortable.

They also opt for pregnant women.

A woman in her third trimester of pregnancy releases 21% more carbon dioxide and moisture than a woman who isn’t pregnant. Also, a pregnant woman’s abdomen is a bit hotter than non-pregnant women. This means that pregnant women release more substances from their skin, which causes the mosquitos to detect them more easily. Protecting yourself from these insects if you are pregnant is essential, and using bed nets may be helpful.

Are you the type of person that gets bitten by mosquitos often? What do you do to protect yourself?

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