Most Children Get Their Height From Their Father and Weight From Their Mother, According to a Study

2 years ago

Scientists claim that a diet based on whole, nutritious food helps make your baby get the most from their genes and grow taller. On the contrary, a poor diet may lead to a shorter stature of a child as compared to their parents. A study suggests that height is the “heritage” taken from the father.

Here at Bright Side, we found out one startling fact about our heredity that made us look at the photos in our family albums with even more vivid interest. We suggest you lift the genetic veil together with us.

Taller dads make longer babies.

Our height is about 70% genetic and 30% environmental, scientists claim. But there are many different genes that all take part in a child’s height.

Women generally stop growing any taller at around the age of 15, whereas men keep going for another 3 years. For this reason, men tend to be taller than women. And often, women marry someone slightly taller, which will make her sons taller as well.

For them to be shorter, a woman will need to marry someone shorter than her. Researchers from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital claim that the taller the dad is, the longer and heavier their baby will be.

The father’s weight may have less of an impact on the kid’s weight.

Studies suggest that a heavier father doesn’t seem to be the reason why a child would also be heavy. However, another study suggests that men with extra weight might influence their child’s brain development and slow down their fine motor skills.

A mom’s extra pounds may have an impact on her kids.

The team from the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital found that, contrary to dads, moms do influence their kids if they’re even slightly overweight. This is likely based on the environment in the womb, as overweight moms will likely have higher levels of sugar in their blood. They studied around 1,000 families, investigating the weight and height of women and men, and their common babies in their earliest 2 years of life. Dr. Knight concludes that the size of a mother is one of the key factors that has a huge impact on the weight of a future baby.

This is the first time scientists have really been able to reveal and explain the effects that parents’ genes produce on a baby’s weight and height, and this is a significant indicator of overall health. This knowledge may mean that scientists and doctors can help ensure babies are born at healthy weights in the future.

Which of these parameters have your kids inherited from you: weight or height? Share any photos you have in the comments.


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What confuses me is this part, I’m actually wondering. It says, “Women generally stop growing any taller at around the age of 15, whereas men keep going for another 3 years.” It is true but I thought males are typically taller for more genetic reasons and other reason that just have to do with being male. I say this because girls typically start puberty before boys do, which is why boys would still be growing at a later age?


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