Mother’s Urgent Warning to All Parents After She Saved Her Baby’s Life by “Trusting Her Gut”

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9 months ago

Jenna Doecke is a mom who has recently experienced a very shocking case in her life. Luckily, the woman saved her newborn baby’s life, because she rushed her to hospital while trusting only her maternity instinct. Now the mom is urging parents to “trust their gut” if they think something is wrong. Here’s what actually happened to mom and her newborn baby.

The baby developed a life-threatening condition very quickly.

A woman who saved her baby’s life by quickly taking her to hospital is now warning all parents to “trust their gut” if they become even slightly suspicious that something is wrong.

Jenna Doecke, who lives near Melbourne, took her tiny newborn daughter to a hospital when she was just two weeks. The baby developed a common cold, and the condition quickly became life-threatening.

The baby’s lungs collapsed quickly and she had a heart failure. It all resulted in an exhausting rollercoaster of bedside vigils, emergency procedures and a slow improvement.

It was a mother’s instinct that saved the baby.

Now, the baby’s 5 weeks old, and she’s still not out of the woods. But the good news is that Pixie can finally breathe on her own.

The shocked but now relieved mom wants other parents to know it’s never an overreaction to take a baby to a hospital if you notice something is wrong.

She says, “Pixie’s nurse said to always trust a mother’s instinct, and we absolutely did the right thing at the right time bringing her to the hospital.”

The mom still can’t believe that a common cold could be so dangerous.

Ms Doecke now reflects on what has happened, saying, “I was told my mum instinct saved her life. Had I waited ’til the next morning we’d probably be telling a different story right now.” She adds, “Never in a million years thought a common cold could almost kill a baby.”

The most threatening sign, according to mom, was when Pixie, her sixth baby, started breathing heavily and then became unsettled.

Hours after Pixie refused a bottle, the little girl became “grumpy”, then got worse. So, mom decided to rush her to the hospital. And now she says that these symptoms must not by any means be ignored by parents.

And here’s a warning from a paramedic and a mom, who tells why parents must not give their kids marshmallows up to a certain age.


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Great Momma right here for taking pixie in. Babas are clever, so always listen to their reactions. For me the refusing of the bottle would've gave me that instinct push. babas don't not eat for nothing.


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