“MY BOOBS AREN’T ALLOWED IN THE WATER?” a Mom Was Forced to Stop Breastfeeding at Water Park

10 months ago

Amidst the backdrop of a delightful family outing at a water park, Tiffany Francis found herself at the center of an unexpected encounter. Despite the troubles, Tiffany’s patience and dedication to protecting her right, who cares dearly for her child, is a resilient mother who empowers the whole community.

Tiffany has a brave and resilient heart.

Tiffany Francis experienced an embarrassing incident during a family day at a water park. While nursing her 11-month-old son in the lazy river, a lifeguard informed her that breastfeeding wasn’t allowed there, citing “courtesy to other guests.” Tiffany felt humiliated by the encounter, leading her to share her experience on Facebook to alert other mothers about the potential for similar treatment at the water park.

Despite checking with staff and managers about the policy, she was told she couldn’t breastfeed in the lazy river. She said, “I asked, ‘So my boobs aren’t allowed in the water?’ They’re worried about breastmilk when the baby was latched, my breast was out of the water, and the milk was only going into my baby’s mouth.”

The unfair treatment for Tiffany and her baby


Witnesses confirmed the incident at the water park, where Tiffany Francis was embarrassed. However, this was against Georgia’s laws, which support breastfeeding anywhere a mother and baby are authorized to be.

Tiffany expressed frustration over society’s unjust stigma around breastfeeding compared to other forms of feeding. A water park representative acknowledged that breastfeeding is allowed in the park but cited safety concerns about feeding in moving water and suggested alternatives like shaded seating, family rooms, and an administrative building.

Her concerns were attended instantly by changing the policy.

later comment clarified that the policy at the water park place has been updated, allowing breastfeeding moms to feed in pools on the grounds. Tiffany Francis stressed that such an incident shouldn’t have occurred given the park’s existing rule list and the fact that the unwritten rule was illegal. She faced online hate during the incident, which was unexpected as she was simply trying to enjoy a family day out.

Manager Steve Brown explained that the issue was a “misinterpretation of policy.” Initially, the policy aimed to restrict breastfeeding in pools but permit it on the pool deck. Brown didn’t ask Francis to leave, and he realized the situation from her Facebook post, which highlighted the state’s breastfeeding laws.

A public apology for the incident and inconvenience

After consultations, the water park promptly changed the policy to comply with the law, apologizing publicly and privately to Mrs. Francis for the oversight. Staff is being retrained to handle situations involving breastfeeding mothers in the pools appropriately, allowing breastfeeding moms to feed in the pools as per the updated policy.

Tiffany’s brave stance serves as a reminder that breastfeeding is a natural and fundamental aspect of motherhood, deserving of respect and understanding. Public spaces should be welcoming environments for mothers to care for their infants without fear of judgment or discomfort.

Women sharing experiences and advocating can create a society empowering breastfeeding mothers, and eradicating unwritten rules. Tiffany’s story shows individual actions sparking change, uniting communities to celebrate motherhood’s beauty.

Like Hilary Duff who expresses her love for her son intimately and people were not happy. However, she was brave enough to defend her family and proved that love conquers every challenge.

Preview photo credit Tiffany Francis / Facebook


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