My Daughter-in-Law Turned From a Nice, Easy-Going Lady Into a Real Monster, I’m Desperate

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A woman, 55, has recently sent a letter to our editorial. She was asking our readers for help, advice and opinions on her very complicated family story. Her DIL used to be an embodiment of good manners and love, up until one day, when she showed her true colors. The woman is suffering from such an attitude, and she doesn’t know what she can do to prevent her family from a huge catastrophe in the face of her, formerly adored, daughter-in-law.

The relationship between DIL and MIL were excellent at first.

A woman named Janette, 55, wrote us a letter and shared her story, which has become a reason for her despair and shock at the moment. Janette began her letter saying that her DIL, Ashley, is a 30-year-old woman, who’s been a part of their big and friendly family for over 2 years now.

Janette shared, «I did like Ashley from the very start. My son Evan, 29, has been madly in love with his now-wife, and I sincerely understood why. Ashley is a beautiful young woman, she’s educated, she has very good manners, and she organically fit in our family from the start. My husband and I were very happy when Evan started dating Ashley, and we were very nice to her when he introduced Ashley to us.»

Janette emphasized that her relationship with Ashley has been very healthy and smooth from the very start. The woman wrote, «Before their engagement, Ashley acted like she sincerely wanted to be my new best friend or for me to be her „second mom.“ She brought us expensive presents, she was always attentive to our needs and never forgot about our family traditions and holidays. She was trying to build this kind of relationship where I wouldn’t have any reason to worry about my son’s happiness. I was pretty much sure she would make an ideal wife for Evan. I was deeply mistaken.»

Everything changed very quickly, and Janette was overwhelmed.

Janette shared, «As soon as Ashley had a ring, the switch flipped! She turned into a completely different woman in no time. She started to find fault with everything I personally said or did, as if I was her worst enemy. She even had Evan call me and correct me for her, she asked me to change my appearance and the way I wear my clothes to suit her idea of how I should look and behave.
According to Ashley, delivered via Evan, I didn’t dress appropriately for my age. So I was supposed to wear my clothes two sizes bigger, and I had to ditch glitter and rhinestones, despite the fact that I always loved bright and sparkly clothing. I was supposed to change even my makeup routine, because Ashley didn’t really like it.»

The woman added that the changes in Ashley’s behavior didn’t affect only her, but also many members of their family, including her son Evan. Janette wrote, «Ashley started gossiping about our family. I mean, not just sharing some harmless information with other people, but revealing all our family stuff and confidential information in her social networks. And she went even further, she disclosed very private information about Evan being an adopted kid, which was kept a secret even from friends.
Now it has become the matter of a vivid discussion for people who knew our family this way or that. This was an absolutely appalling behavior, but we couldn’t do anything about it. Ashley wouldn’t listen.»

Ashley’s behavior became even more shocking after she and Evan tied the knot.

Janette wrote, «I could imagine that what was happening was already the worst, but it did get worse after Ashley and Evan got married. Right before their wedding day, Ashley suddenly uninvited me and my husband from their wedding, saying that she was ashamed of the clothes we chose to wear for their wedding. We found a compromise, because we didn’t want to hurt Evan’s feelings and spoil his wedding day. The last moment before their wedding, we agreed to go and buy the clothes that Ashley personally approved. This was humiliating, but we swallowed this bitter pill for the sake of our son’s happiness.»

When the two got married, things started to escalate quickly. Janette shared, «I’m writing this now, and I’m crying, because I’m living through this again while I’m recovering all these things from my memory. So, after my son and Ashley got married, she insisted that he must change his job, because working for a law firm with 50+ years of smooth reputation for a very decent salary wasn’t enough for Ashley. She wanted Evan to be a businessman, because this was „more prestigious.“
I need to mention that Evan’s career has always been a subject of pride in our family. He’s a young and very prospective lawyer, and even the mature professionals called him „a diamond“ for his achievements. He does love his job, he lives in the office, he’s crazy about it, and now he was being forced to change everything in his life. We just couldn’t stand it anymore.»

Janette is desperate because she’s losing her son, literally.

Janette wrote, «Two months ago, Evan was diagnosed with cancer. This was a shock to the whole family, we all rushed to look for the best specialists who could help him and thankfully, his state is not that bad, he still has a chance to be in a remission soon and to live normal life. But Ashley won’t stop.»

Janette confessed that Ashley cheated on Evan right after they all found out about his diagnosis. Evan is unaware of his wife’s infidelity, but Janette saw her with another man in a café, they were kissing and then left, holding hands.

The woman wrote, «I want to tell Evan the truth about Ashley, about her infidelity. I have photos of her and her lover, and this is a good evidence, but I’m scared. I’m scared to death that I will lose my son, that he will blame me for ruining his happy family, and I’m terrified that he’ll be so sad about the bad news that he’ll lose this battle with cancer. I’m torn because I don’t see any painless way out from this nasty situation.
Keeping things as they are would mean Evan will be deceived again and again, and telling him the truth is even worse. As a mother, I just don’t know what to do. I’m on the crossroads now, and I need advice from people who might have experienced a similar situation. Do you think this might be a right decision to sit and talk to Evan about everything right now? Or shall I just keep silent until he gets better?»

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