My Girlfriend Got Us a Dog, and I’m Going to Break Up With Her Because of It

3 weeks ago

Pets can often be a great way to build a stronger bond, but this isn't the case in today's story. The decision to get a dog revealed an ugly truth behind one man's relationship.

He explained what happened

Hello, I'm 25M, and my girlfriend is 23F. We've been together for over a year, and we generally have a great relationship. She's funny and kind. However,

Yesterday, when I got home, there was a Golden Retriever in our house. When I asked my girlfriend whose dog it was, she smiled and said, "Ours." I wasn't sure if she was joking or being serious, so I kept asking whose dog it was. She kept smiling and saying, "Ours," and then proceeded to say the dog's name (I don't remember what she said her name was since a lot was going through my mind). She even told the dog to say "Hi Dad."

I told her that she couldn't be serious right now, and she replied, "Why?" with a big smile. I didn't say anything else and just left the house and went to a hotel.

At the beginning of our relationship, I had told her that I don't like dogs and can't be in the same room with one. Even when I see one in public, I put a good distance between me and the person walking the dog. I told her if she ever wanted a pet, she would have to get a cat or something else that is not a dog.

While at the hotel, my girlfriend called me a couple of times, but I didn't answer. Then she texted me, saying that I was overreacting and that my fear of dogs was ridiculous. She said I should at least give it a try and live with a dog for a while, and that she and the dog would help me overcome my fear. But I never asked to overcome it, and honestly, it never bothered me as long as there were no dogs in my house. I never got bothered by one in public because I always put a good distance between me and the dogs. I have never even petted a dog before and never will.

I ignored her messages and just went to sleep, as I wanted to decide what to do when my head was clearer. I don't want to be the guy who says it's either me or the dog. She clearly likes dogs, and I don't, so I was thinking of just breaking up with her, even though she has been amazing throughout the year. Am I wrong for wanting to break up with her over this?

People stood on his side.

  • "I'm a dog lover, but if my husband said that he was terrified of dogs I wouldn't bring one home. It's not even about the dog at this point, it's the fact that she completely disregarded your feelings/boundaries and expects you to suck it up." Visual-Lobster6625 / Reddit
  • "She chose the dog. The easiest way to break it off with you. Sorry dude." Investigator516 / Reddit
  • "Even if you love dogs, she needed to discuss this with you before getting one." ProtozoaPatriot / Reddit
  • "Even if you didn't have a fear of dogs at all she had no right to make such a huge decision for your household without even talking to you about it? This adds a huge layer of responsibility to you both. And since she knew it was a hard limit for you and did it anyway, I don't see where she found the audacity. You're not making her choose between you and the dog, you're asking her to respect your long-established boundary and fix the mistake she made." mouskete3r / Reddit
  • "You let her know up front that a dog was a deal breaker. She chose to ignore you. If you break up it's on her, not you." Bulky_Specialist9645 / Reddit
  • "She's trying to bulldoze a hard boundary of yours and this sets a disturbing precedent if you accept it." JosKarith / Reddit
  • "She is blatantly ignoring your fear, telling you to get over it when you’re not ready!! This is likely the first of soon-to-be many boundary-breaking moments in your relationship. Leave now!" Safe_Honeydew2763 / Reddit
  • "It's like she was TRYING to sabotage this relationship. Which does happen." DinosaurInAPartyHat / Reddit
  • "She blatantly disregarded your concerns. She KNEW how you felt and STILL did this. She is selfish, manipulative and arrogant. You are better off without her in your life." omrmajeed / Reddit

Deciding to break up with his girlfriend because of the dog wasn't easy, but it forced him to confront deeper issues in their relationship. As much as he loves her, their differing perspectives on life have become too significant to ignore.


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