My Husband Doesn’t Want to Stop Talking to His Female Gym Buddy

2 months ago

Some say opposites attract, but sometimes it’s not really the case. One of our readers isn’t a big fan of sports, while her husband practically lives at the gym. This led him to make friends with a woman who’s just as passionate about sports as he is. Now, our reader is concerned whether it’s just friendship or something more.

Our reader reached out to us.

Thank you for sharing your story with us! We’re sorry to hear about what you’ve had to go through. We’re ready to offer some tips that might be of help.

Ask him to stop.

He knows you’re uncomfortable with that, but he still wants to maintain a friendship with his gym buddy. You’ve set a boundary in your relationship, but he chose to ignore it. If your husband keeps disregarding your feelings and boundaries, be ready to set consequences.

Let him know that you might need to take a break from the relationship or even seek legal advice if necessary. It’s a big deal for you, so he should respect your concern or at least not be so rude and dismissive.

Trust your gut.

It’s fine for your husband to have a friend, however, what’s concerning is that he feels the need to hide it. He knows you wouldn’t approve of what’s happening between them.

You’ve seen flirty emojis, so he’s aware of his actions. That’s why he was hesitant to show you the messages. If he’s never behaved like this before, something suspicious is going on.

Demand transparency.

In a healthy relationship, there should be transparency and openness. Ask to see the messages between your husband and the woman he’s been texting.

If he refuses, ask him to explain why he’s unwilling to show you. He might talk about personal space. In that case, suggest meeting her and making her a mutual friend.

Spend more time together.

Make time to do things you both like. Whether it’s going for a walk, cooking together, or watching a movie, spending time together helps you bond and talk about what’s up. Try a more active pastime that you also enjoy. You might not want to hit the gym, but cycling in the park, for example, might sound more appealing to you.

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I suggest you go where your husband goes to work out and simply talk to the "buddy" The buddy may not know he is married but thinks he is single, who knows he may even take the ring off when he is there. Who knows what he has said..
He probably won't like you showing up at the gym and he'll probably yell at you but you'll probably have to push back and tell him that if he doesn't stop what he's doing you'll take legal action. Like contacting a lawyer etc
Or give him a taste of his own medicine, ask a trusted friend to send you flirty messages and make sure it's not visible who it's from, sit and smile as you read and if he asks say it's just a "friend" but nothing more... See what he thinks about this...


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