My Husband Hates the Clothes I Choose for Our Kid, but He Refuses to Help Me

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6 months ago

Taking care of a child is hard work because, until a certain age, they depend on their parents for almost everything. And both parents must take part in this mission. Unfortunately, that’s not what is happening in today’s story. This mother not only cares for her daughter alone, but she also faces criticism from her husband.

She shared her story.

I have an almost 4-year-old who attends preschool Monday-Friday. I’m the only parent who gets up and gets her ready for school because her dad “doesn’t know how.” He only drives her to school while I feed, clothe, and do her hair, etc.

Every single day since school started this month, he’s had something to say about the clothing choice I picked out for our daughter. Always something like “that doesn’t match” (a plain t-shirt with black sweatpants) or “it’s too cold for that” (it’s literally been 80 degrees all month up until very recently) etc., every single day he has some kind of judgment to say.

So today, I told him to pick out the outfit and get her ready since he’s the expert on it. He told me I’m being immature for being upset over something that he “doesn’t often do,” and he told me I “do everything in my life with little effort.”

Am I wrong for getting upset over him having something to say every single day about my daughters’ clothes and then getting further upset over that last comment?

People jumped in on her defense.

  • “Men can rebuild an engine, beat every soul’s game, or learn every minor rule in their favorite sport, but claim they can’t figure out how to put small clothing on small children. Yeah, sure.” Possible_Thief / Reddit
  • “It’s called weaponized incompetence. Getting a child ready for school is not rocket science. He can get better by doing.” meepgorp / Reddit
  • “What kind of man doesn’t help get his child/children ready for school or gets involved with basic childcare? A useless man who doesn’t deserve the title of ’Dad.’” GreyJediBug / Reddit
  • “He doesn’t know how because he needs to practice. That’s what I would tell him when you inform him that you will now be alternating days getting your child ready in the morning. And he has so many thoughts and opinions about it already, so he is going to learn so fast! ” jesssongbird / Reddit

It’s not the first time we face stories where husbands criticize their wife’s way of doing house chores. Recently, a man got angry because his wife wasn’t cooking the foods he wanted to eat. It’s important to remember that both people in a relationship are responsible for taking care of the house and their kids.

Preview photo credit Ok-Ad4375 / Reddit


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