My Little Son Is Worth Millions, and I Feel Worthless as a Dad

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4 months ago

Imagine your 1-year-old being a rich person who can buy anything they want. Sounds like something from a parallel universe, but for one man, it’s very real. A father, 26, has recently taken to Reddit to share his incredible family story, leaving many people with mixed feelings about the situation. The man feels frustrated about the whole thing and is sincerely asking for advice.

The man’s son is very young but already a wealthy boy.

A man, 26, took to Reddit with a story that seemed unreal, but it happened to him, and he feels sad about it. He started his post with a very surprising fact, saying that his little son is a rich person who already owns a fortune at his age.

The man wrote, “My son is 1 year old. Thanks to his grandfather and uncle, who are collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars, my son now has a trust in his name and 4 different types of tax-advantaged investment accounts worth more than I’ll ever see in my wildest dreams.”

The man shared that such a situation was a huge surprise for him, and he was puzzled and shocked when he found out.

He wrote, “They did this behind my back and the only reason I found out about it was because I got a letter from Schwab in the mail addressed to my child explaining the benefits of his accounts. I asked my father-in-law about it, and he gave me all the details.”

The man has mixed feelings about the whole thing.

The man shared that, of course, he’s happy for his son because, as a parent, he wishes only the best for him in his life. But on the other hand, he can’t get rid of a sense of frustration about his son’s financial state, and he explained his reasons.

He wrote, “While I am beyond grateful that my son will never want for anything, it also makes me extremely depressed. It makes me feel like I have nothing to offer my son. Nothing I could ever do will have more of an impact on him than the financial freedom and success he’s been given by them.”

The man shared the details of his income and the numbers that he makes, and that they make him feel like he’s competing with his own baby. And he’s never going to be able to match up. The man added, “I’m a blue-collar worker who barely scrapes together $50-60k a year.”

The situation in the family is becoming tense.

The man continued his story, saying that not only he, but also his wife, is involved in the whole situation, and he feels ill at ease because of this too.

He explained, “Add to this that my wife is also set for life through similar means, and you get a very bleak outlook on my impact on my family’s life. Not to mention, my wife barely even likes me, and I am basically disabled at 26 due to bad genetics, and I feel like they wouldn’t miss me or might even just be better off without me.”

The man expressed feeling broken and very sad. He wrote, “I’ve basically stopped caring about work and can’t interact with my family joyfully... It just makes me feel sad whenever I’m around them.”

People on Reddit shared their opinions and advice about the tough situation.

People were quick to react to the man’s cry for help. Many supported him, saying that fatherly love is the most valuable treasure a kid can have in life. One user wrote, “Money will never mean more than a loving father. Be a great father who spends time with him, teaches him how to look at life, how to love life, and how to be a good human being.”

Another person added, “I remember getting the check in the mail from my dad’s life insurance about 2 weeks after his death and standing in line at the bank to deposit it, and all I could think of was I’d light the thing on fire right here if it could bring my dad back. I’d give every last dime without hesitation. I was very solidly in the ’bargaining’ phase of grief with that one.”

One other user shared, “Money can ruin your child’s future if they don’t learn how to use it well. If your child doesn’t learn the value of hard work, discipline, and how to be virtuous, they can very easily be sucked up into laziness, and their own feelings of worthlessness. Having two loving parents is irreplaceable. It’s something money cannot buy. Teach your son how to live happily.”

Here’s a story that proves fatherly love is the biggest treasure a child can value for their whole life. A single gay man adopted an ill orphan and raised an Olympic champion.


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