My MIL Wanted to Wear a Wedding Dress at My Wedding, So I Prepared a «Jacket of Shame» for Her

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Our wedding is a special day, and we for sure want everything to go smoothly. But there are people who seem to have a vile plan to ruin it at any cost. The same happened to one woman, who wrote her story on Reddit. Her MIL wanted to wear white on her wedding day, but the bride decided to punish her for being absolutely deaf to multiple requests to wear any color but white.

The woman treated her wedding preparations extremely seriously.

A woman, 23, has come to Reddit to tell her absolutely mind-boggling story, and she did need some opinions from the users. She began her post, saying, «Hi everyone, I’ve been following the pod for quite some time, and lately it got me thinking if I might have been inappropriate in this situation as I’m STILL getting shade from this 1 year later. So let me know!»

She continues, writing, «I and my husband got married last year in March after dating for 3 years. I’ve never had any issues with his family, and his mother and I used to get along quite well. We are also the first on both sides to get married.»

She took all wedding preparations with a lot of responsibility and didn’t want a single detail to go wrong. The woman says, «Long story short, planning this wedding was no walk in the park and there were multiple fights between myself and the mothers (my mother and his mother) about niti gritting decor, what table I wanted to use, round or square.»

But she was worried the most about the outfits. She revealed, «Even what style dress I wanted to wear, but the cherry on the cake was my mother-in-law’s outfit she was planning on wearing!»

The OP’s MIL was a hard person to deal with, from the very beginning.

The woman continues her story, saying, that she had some certain preferences regarding the guests’ outfits. She explained, «In the 6 months we planned our wedding, I expressed multiple times that the only color guests weren’t allowed to wear was white and even encouraged everyone to go all out with their outfits (prom looks etc. because who doesn’t love dressing up and looking their best), but clearly this didn’t include my mother-in-law.»

The mom of her husband simply refused to listen to what her DIL was telling her. The OP revealed, «She continued to show me pictures of the outfits she was planning on wearing — all of which were completely white.»

The bride-to-be didn’t want to provoke a scandal, so she used all her diplomatic skills to avoid it. She says, «I tried multiple angles with her. First trying to nudge her in a different color direction, then casually bringing up the no white rule. I even asked my husband and mother to talk to her about not wearing white, as my direct approach didn’t seem to work (telling her straight up to not. wear. white.)»

The bride had a plan on how to teach her MIL a good lesson.

The woman goes on with her post, saying, «The moment I realized I needed to think of a serious plan fast was when one of her online orders arrived, and I just happened to be there. Finally, I got to see this outfit and to be honest, I prepared myself for the obvious — that it would be white and even consider letting the whole white thing slide with her just to spear myself the mental strain.»

But the most shocking revelation was still ahead. The frustrated woman continues, saying, «But I NEVER thought she would order a literal wedding dress! THANK GOODNESS it was one of those Expectation vs Really moments and the dress quality was terrible and went straight to the trash!»

And then, the OP had an idea on how to make her MIL listen to her. She revealed, «Now to what I thought was an excellent plan. After venting to my sister and other brides maids about the whole situation, I suggested that there should be some kind of punishment for guests (aka. Mother-in-law) should they show up in white...and so the ’jacket of shame’ idea started.»

A “Jacket of shame” was the bride’s punishment to everyone who would wear white.

The woman wrote, «My sister helped me shop for the perfect jacket. A yellow reflective jacket you usually see construction workers wear. But the fun didn’t stop there!»

They decorated this jacket in a very special way. The woman explained, «To make sure everyone was aware of the consequences, my sister helped me set up a decorating station at my bridal shower to decorate this ’Jacket of Shame’, and it turned out to be quite the hit! My friends and family members enjoyed using glitter pens and colorful sharpies to give the jacket it’s shame by writing things like: ’How dare you show up in white,’ ’Are you the bride? I. THINK. NOT.’»

The result of the plan surpassed the OP’s expectations.

The woman goes on, saying, «Afterwards I explained what the jacket would be used for, that if someone shows up at our wedding wearing white or anything that can be passed off as a wedding dress will be forced to wear this Jacket the moment they step onto the venue and that the Jacket won’t be allowed to be taken off — EVEN in official wedding/family photos.»

She also added, «Maybe I took it too far after someone asked ’But won’t that ruin your photos and throw off the whole aesthetic?’ and I bluntly replied with ’Not at all! I would frame the photo and hang it up in our house as a reminder/trophy.’»

But the result was even more than she had expected. The woman revealed, «Needless to say, I never got that photo and mother-in-law turned up in an all black funeral outfit to our wedding. I took it as a win, but I keep getting shade every now and then from his mother and aunt about how inappropriate the Jacket was and that I was such a bad woman for forcing the Jacket onto my guests.»

People of Reddit were quite supportive about the woman’s plan.

People came to the comments to mainly support and praise the woman.

One person wrote, «MIL was doing a major pout as she was planning to wear a white wedding dress and wasn’t confident that she wouldn’t be forced into the jacket of shame. She lost control, and her daughter-in-law had the power. Let’s face it, the wedding dress was a power move that she lost.»

Some other user added, «Getting really tired of these emotional scenarios where mothers insist on looking like a bride at their son’s wedding. Even worse that she decided to go for funeral clothes instead as if mourning the death of her relationship with her son’s band to be. I’ll never understand women who loathe other women SO much that the idea of their son getting married is world-ending.»

And another person mentioned, «It always seems creepy to me when mothers try to outshine the bride, regardless of which of the spouses-to-be they popped out, and regardless of whether they’re doing it in white or any other color.»

And here’s yet another epic wedding story from a woman, who was humiliated by her own husband on their wedding day. But she made him a payback that he probably won’t be able to forget soon.


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Even better.. ask your Mother and all your female friends to wear white wedding dresses to the event.


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